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What Is Pea Milk? Should You Try It?

The all new non-dairy milk, pea milk has received a lot of applause from many considering its protein and calcium content and how well it has been compared to being effectively serving the functions that cow milk would provide. Read on to know the nutritional value that pea milk has to offer and if it can serve to be a perfect dairy alternative.

What Is Pea Milk?

Just as the name suggests, it is the milk made from peas. This has been especially created keeping in mind the people who are unable to drink regular milk either due to not liking its smell/taste or simply because they are lactose intolerant.

This new dairy alternative keeps up with the other variants such as almond and soy milk and matches the nutritional intake that it can provide.

In general, pea milk is made using pea protein (obtained from yellow peas). Pea milk would not taste like peas.


Nutritional Value Of Pea Milk

Pea milk has been gaining popularity due to the nutritional value that it is attached to it. Per serving of it provides 8 g of protein. It does not contain sugar and in turn provides 50 per cent more calcium than milk.

Legumes such as peas have always been associated with being an ample protein source. Pea milk that is available in the market also contains calcium and vitamin D, making it as good as cow's milk.

As there is no fat, vegetable oil is added to make the pea milk appear creamier. Being extremely low in saturated fat, this has become a preferred choice by all health conscious people.

Different brands of pea milk will be available and you get to choose a flavour of your choice (sweetened, unsweetened, vanilla, chocolate, etc.). This pea milk is great as it is egg-free, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and soy-free.


How Is Pea Milk Made?

It is not made the way we prepare almond milk, which is by soaking them in water. The process of reaching the end product - pea milk - begins with harvesting yellow peas followed by milling them into flour. The flour is then processed; the pea protein is separated from the starch and fibre.

The pea protein gets purified further and is blended together with water and other necessary ingredients. Some of the ingredients included during the blending process are sunflower oil, sea salt and vitamins such as B12 among others.

Ideally you would find pea milk in several markets sold under the name of plant protein milk. This has enabled pea milk to gain ample popularity as consumers tend to be interested in plant-based foods.

What Are The Benefits Of Pea Milk?

The following are the top reasons why you should indulge in drinking pea milk:


• The best source of plant-based protein

Pea milk is said to contain the highest amount of protein in comparison to other plant-based milk alternatives. It provides protein that is almost equivalent to that of cow's milk. Consuming protein-rich foods such as pea milk on a regular basis would keep your appetite regulated. This also serves to be great in keeping you satisfied in between meals (can help in promoting weight loss).

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• A great source of important nutrients

Pea milk is low in calories and loaded with nutrients such as iron, calcium, omega-3 fats and potassium.


• Hypoallergenic (best dairy-free alternative)

Being free of soy, lactose, gluten and nuts, pea milk serves to be the safest choice for people who are prone to allergies.


• Low in calories

Pea milk contains lesser calories than cow's milk. One cup of unsweetened pea milk contains only 70 calories, whereas one cup of skim milk contains 87 calories.


• Unsweetened version is low in sugar and carbs

Pea milk is great for people on a low-carb diet. One cup of unsweetened pea milk contains zero sugar and zero grams of carbs. It is also good for diabetics.


• Environment-friendly

Pea milk is said to be more environment-friendly when compared to almond milk or cow's milk. Milk requires a lot of energy and water to be produced. Dairy cows also emit a lot of methane. These factors negatively affect the environment.

Almond milk requires a lot of water. According to the manufacturers of pea milk, it requires about 86 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to almond milk.

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Can Pea Milk Be A Dairy Alternative?

The pea-based milk has been considered a healthier alternative to almond milk. It is surely the one that people who are prone to allergies should go in for, plus it is also greatly suited for vegans. This serves to be the best dairy-alternative that you possible could find.

Also, pea milk is also worth notable due to not being harmful towards the environment. It also serves to be a boon for parents as with pea milk they get a dairy alternative that has eight times more protein than almond milk.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 6, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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