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    15 Foods We Think Are Healthy But Aren't

    By Neha

    Are you on a healthy diet these days and thinking that whatever is on your plate is totally healthy? Think once again! A lot of healthy foods which are a part of your grocery list don't belong under the health food category.

    As a matter of fact, many of these products that you come across as healthy food in the market is just a combination of clever advertising and good timing.

    For example, you may wonder that a nice basil pesto is a great way to get your greens but, you are wrong. A study conducted found out that the average serving of salt in a shop-bought pesto is 1.5 grams of salt.

    Also, pasta sauces and salad dressings bought from markets are full of salt, which can increase your sodium in your body that might not be good for health.

    It can get a little confusing about what food is actually good for you. To make it easier, here is a list of 15 foods that we think are healthy, but aren't.

    foods we think are healthy but aren't

    1. Whole Wheat Cereals

    It is a big marketing ploy by the advertisers to add health-friendly words in such products. There are many whole grain cereals that are often coated with sugar and frosting. Skip these cereals and try having a wholesome food such as oatmeal with nuts and berries.


    2. Dried Fruits

    Dried fruits look colourful and attractive, and it is extremely tasty too. Many enjoy dried fruits as a snack or as a dessert, which is unfortunately not good for your health. It is because dried fruits have about three times the amount of sugar in it because it is condensed. You did not know this right!


    3. Light Salad Dressing

    If you are ditching those fatty salad dressings and opting for low-fat dressing, then think again! The fact is companies use piles of additives to maintain the flavour while ensuring the calories are cut down. These additives are unhealthy for your body. Instead, use some olive oil and vinegar as a dressing for your salad.


    4. Low-fat Muffins

    If you are selecting a low-fat muffin from a store, then you are making a terrible mistake. These low-fat muffins come in a variety of flavours and are definitely delicious. The truth is to reduce the fat from the muffins, the companies need to make up for the lack of taste by adding sugar.


    5. Flavoured Yogurt

    Probiotic and Greek yogurt are good snacks, but there's so much added to the yogurt that the nutritional benefits get lost. Instead, you can buy a plain yogurt or make homemade yogurt. In this way, you will get all the nutrients and you need not worry about the sugar intake.

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    6. Diet Soda

    Diet soda is just a marketing tactic to confuse people to swap out for those full-sugar sodas for diet soda. You may think diet soda is a healthier option, but diet sodas require a lot of additives to bring back the flavour by adding artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are actually not good for your health.


    7. Fruit Juice

    Fruit juices that you get in the market, which says that it is 100 percent pure fruit juice is actually not only fruit juice but also packed with sugar. Packaged fruit juices have added sugar in them, which will increase your blood sugar levels in the body. Instead make your own fresh fruit juice at home, which is healthier.


    8. Protein Bars

    Another marketing tactic is a protein bar, which is a sugary bar that is disguised as a protein bar. Not all protein bars are a healthy choice, but they also have sugar in them. Read the labels carefully before buying them or try eating natural sources of protein such as lean meat, hummus, milk and nuts.


    9. Banana Chips

    Banana chips are devoid of all the nutrients and you are just increasing your calorie and sugar intake with every bite. Chips of all kinds - be it banana chips or other deep-fried chips - are no good for your health. Instead, you can eat a fresh banana that will provide you with all the nutrients.


    10. Frozen Yogurt

    Frozen yogurt has a reputation for being a healthy dessert but, unfortunately, it is not a healthy dessert. It may be low in fat but it's still packed with sugar and calories just like any other dessert. If you are looking to enjoy a healthy dessert, you can blend up a frozen banana with some dark chocolate chips and strawberries.


    11. Granola

    Granola is also termed as a healthy food but actually it is not. Do you know many of the granolas at your local supermarket are made of butter, vegetable oil, and white sugar? No matter whichever brand of granola you buy, it still has more calories than you would expect.


    12. Packaged Soup

    Many branded packaged soups claim that they are a great choice for weight-conscious people. But, it is not so because they are often loaded with salt and sugar. You can make a healthy soup at home with chicken and vegetables, which would make it a healthier option.


    13. Maple Syrup

    If you love maple syrup, then there's bad news for you. Maple syrup is loaded with sugar and it has even more calories - with 52 calories per tablespoon. You can opt for honey, which has a natural sweetness that will not affect your health.


    14. Flavoured Iced Tea

    With an increased intake of your favourite flavoured iced tea, it is increasing your waistline as well. Iced teas contain sweeteners that can raise your blood pressure, cause insulin spikes and increase your risk of gaining weight.


    15. Salted Nuts

    Roasted nuts with salt is not a good snack if you have been having it lately. The nuts are roasted and full of salt that increases the sodium content in the body, which is not good for your health. Opt for raw nuts that are full of nutrients, which is healthy too.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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