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Food Facts: Can You Eat Egg Shells?

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Did you eat a small piece of an eggshell by mistake? Are you worried about what it could do to your health?

Well, don't worry; egg shells contain calcium and are eatable. So, you won't die if you eat them by mistake.


Are Egg Shells Dangerous?

But don't eat egg shells in the future as they could cut the insides of your throat while going through the food pipe. The sharp edges of the pieces of egg shell are the problem.

But those who eat them generally crush them well and powder them. Eggs shells are good for bone and teeth health. Surprised? Well, here are some other food facts that you didn't know...


Fact #1

Do you know the fact that honey quickly gets into your blood stream? It just takes only 20 minutes. What's the reason? Well, this is because honey is a substance which is pre-digested by a honey-bee.


Fact #2

Do you love to kick-start the day with a cup of coffee? Are you worried about the caffeine intake? Then try eating an apple. Apples are said to work better than coffee when it comes to making you feel awake.


Fact #3

Most of us know that watermelon is full of water and is a good hydrating food. But do you know that even cucumber is also a hydrating food that contains 95% of water?


Fact #4

Are you obsessed with eating healthy food? Well, then it could be a disorder known as Ortharexia Nervosa! Yes, even obsession for health is also an obsession.


Fact #5

Don't feel too guilty about your sugar cravings. Human beings have those cravings from birth!


Fact #6

Are you feeling sleepy after the lunch? Did you eat lots of onions? Well, your sleepiness could also be due to the onions!


Fact #7

Most of us believe that sugar makes us fat. Frankly speaking, excess calories make us fat; not just sugar.

In fact, a spoon of sugar contains only 15 calories which can be easily burnt. Excess sugar is bad for health; but more than that, monitor your calorie intake in order to lose wight.

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