It's The Season For Mangoes! Read To Know Its Surprising Health Benefits

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Most of us love mangoes and there is hardly any reason for anybody to dislike this delicious fruit. No wonder, it's known as the King Of Fruits. But did you know that this fruit is not all about taste alone?

It has some surprising health benefits as well that not many people are aware of. Mangoes are so tasty that people tend to forget about their health benefits.

This fruit is an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Mangoes are also rich in fibre and hence including mangoes in your diet is guaranteed to prevent constipation, piles and symptoms of spastic colon.

As per studies, it was also found that its dietary fiber helps in eliminating degenerative disease like certain cancers and heart diseases.

Mangoes are also said to contain stomach-comforting enzymes and this gives more reasons for you to include them in your diet.

Mangoes are also known for its high potassium content and can be consumed after a strenuous diet. So, continue reading this article to know more about the incredible health benefits of mangoes.


1. Rich In Vitamins And Minerals:

It is known to have a very high nutrition value. It has about 76% of vitamin C and 9% of copper that supply the body with enough nutrition and energy.


2. Boosts Immune System:

It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C and 25 kinds of carotenoids that help in keeping the digestive system healthy. This is one of the best health benefits of mangoes.


3. Remedy For Heart Stroke:

Juice of a green mango is known to be one of the best natural remedies for heart stroke. It also contains fibre, vitamins and potassium that help ward off heart diseases.


4. Improves Sex Stamina:

It is an excellent source of vitamin C and this is a good vitamin for treating sex problems. It also has good aphrodisiac qualities.


5. Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes:

Mango leaves help normalize the insulin levels in the blood. Boil mango leaves and soak them through the night. Consume the filtered decoction the next morning. Hence, through this, mangoes can reduce diabetes risk.


6. They Alkalize The Body:

Mango contains malic acid, tartaric acid and a trace of citric acid, and consuming this will help maintain the alkali reserve of the body.


7. Helps With Eye Health:

One cup of mango slices is known to give about 25% of the daily need of vitamin A that helps promote good eyesight and also prevent eye dryness and night blindness.


8. Prevents Cancer:

Mangoes contain antioxidant compounds that have the ability to protect the body against leukaemia, colon, breast and prostate cancers. This is one of the best known health benefits of mangoes.

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Story first published: Monday, March 6, 2017, 14:31 [IST]
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