Do You Suffer From Stress Eating? Here Are Ways To Stop This Habit

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Stress could result in difficulty in decision making as well as disorientation. Other symptoms may include blurred or fuzzy thinking, clouded ideas, feeling confused, inability to think clearly or rapidly, loss of memory and change in normal mental state. It is also characterized by the inability to stay focused, concentrate even for a brief time period and loss of self control.

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In order to find relief from these symptoms, different people resort to different types of things in order to get some kind of comfort. A large number of people resort to eating in large amount, anything and everything they can lay their hands on in order to find comfort. This only adds to their woes in the form of certain types of health hazards.

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Here in this article we shall discuss certain ways in which you can stop this stress eating. These are tried and tested methods that have been advocated by food psychologists as well as nutritionists.


1. Have Proper Meals:

The first thing that you should do in order to stop stress eating is to have a proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. With a hungry stomach, you will definitely end up stressed out and also go for the wrong types of food.


2. Chamomile Tea:

When you feel stressed out the next time and want to eat something to calm your nerves, take a cup of chamomile tea and sip on it. Chamomile provides a soothing effect to your mind and body and decreases your level of stress.


3. Walking:

You can also go for a 15-20 minutes walk when you feel stressed out. This will not only help to distract you, but also the fresh air will free your mind of stress.


4. Relaxing Bath:

The next best thing to do would be to go and take a relaxing bath. Bathing not only cleans your body from the inside, it is said to have therapeutic effects as well. It helps to wash away all the stress and negative emotions from your mind.


5. Hobby:

Distract yourself with something if you want to eat next time because of stress. Keep your drawing books handy or think about your hobby that you enjoyed a long time ago. It is time to revive it again to keep you distracted from stress eating.

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Story first published: Monday, January 23, 2017, 16:30 [IST]
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