Why Cold Pressed Juices Are Healthy?

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Yes, cold pressed juice is healthier. Are you wondering what cold pressed juice is? Well, currently you must be using a blender or a juicer or a mixer-grinder at home. It generates heat while juicing.

Cold pressed methods of juicing are the traditional juicing methods which don't involve using a juicer or a blender.

Obtaining juice through squeezing or a mechanical device which is operated by hand is known as cold pressed method as there is no heat involved in the whole process of the juicing. Here are some facts and benefits of cold pressed juice.

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Fact #1

Using hydraulic press to squeeze juice is known as cold press. The juicers that we use at home are centrifugal juicers which produce heat while juicing. Heat could destroy some enzymes and nutrients.


Fact #2

If you wish to try cold pressing at home, you just need to make the fruit into pulp and then squeeze the juice out of it. You can also buy cold-press juicers.

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Fact #3

Do you think packaged juice is better? Commercial juicing methods destroy the nutrients in the juice. Even pasteurization methods involve heating the juice and cooling it down.

And some commercial juices are added with chemicals to prevent breeding of bacteria while packing. So, juicing at home is a healthier option than drinking packaged juice.


Fact #4

There is less wastage if you cold press the juice. And the nutrients are not lost during the process. To better understand the cold press method, you can take a look at the lemon-squeezer in your kitchen. It simply presses the lemon and brings the juice out. No heat- no nutrients are lost!


Fact #5

Those who drink cold pressed juice admit that they experience instant surge in their energy levels. That is because lots of vitamins and other nutrients flood the blood stream soon after drinking it. Your body absorbs cold pressed juice faster.

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Fact #6

Some comparison studies reveal that cold-pressed juices are good for the gut bacteria. It also boosts immune system with phyto-chemicals.


Fact #7

You don't need a multivitamin tablet if you cold press your juices regularly. The vitamin content in them is higher.

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Fact #8

As the enzymes are not lost during the juicing process, cold pressed juice tastes much better.

If you cold press your juice at home with organic fruits or vegetables, you can enjoy good health!

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