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10 Things To Eat/Drink To Avoid Heat Strokes

By Somya Ojha

Heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency and should not be taken lightly. It is a fatal condition that can cause severe damage to the brain or other organs of the body.

But, fortunately, it can be largely prevented, by taking steps like drinking plenty of water, staying indoors and, most importantly, increasing the intake of water-rich food to prevent the issue.

Food items rich in water, essential nutrients and electrolytes should be included in your diet for the prevention against heat stroke.

With the rising temperatures, it is necessary to keep the body well hydrated and eat cooling foods, which will prevent the body from getting overheated.

This summer, take extra care of yourself, as the summer sun is far more unforgiving than ever!

Since we always emphasise on the fact that prevention is always, always better than cure, we've compiled a list of 10 cooling food items to eat/drink this summer to avoid heat strokes.

These food items will keep your body cool and hydrated from the inside. Have a look at them.


1. Apples:

You probably know of the old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but during summer it can also keep heat stroke away. The water content for apple is 84%, and it is highly nutritious, hence this is an ideal fruit for the season.


2. Cucumber:

There are several reasons why you should befriend cucumber this summer. It mainly consists of water and electrolytes. Eat this to fight the scorching heat waves.


3. Coconut Water:

This is great for hydrating your body and lifting your energy. Coconut water is considered to be an excellent remedy for heat exhaustion.


4. Watermelon:

Watermelon is a natural detoxifier that is great for removing toxins present in the body, which increase body heat. Just a few slices of this fruit will keep you well hydrated from the inside this summer.


5. Lettuce:

Lettuce is 94% water and is also rich in Vitamin A. Have this green leafy vegetable this summer to prevent heat strokes and also to keep your system running cool.


6. Raddish:

Rich in water, vitamin C and antioxidants, raddish acts as an effective cooling agent during summer season. You could opt to have it raw in salads or have it cooked.


7. Muskmelon:

This water-rich fruit can significantly reduce body heat. Include this in your summer diet to keep your body heat under control.


8. Lemon:

This one is a no-brainer. The multi-purpose lemon is rich in citric acid and water. You can drink a lemonade or squeeze some fresh lime on salad, the choice is yours!


9. Buttermilk:

Great for digestion, buttermilk also serves as a wonderful cooling agent. Have a glass of this healthy drink every day to keep your body cool.


10. Orange:

Citrus fruits are considered to be particularly refreshing for the summer season. Loaded with electrolytes and potassium, it effectively hydrates the body and protects the body from heat stroke.

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