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Nutritional Benefits Of Eating Protein Foods

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We need to have our daily dose of protein everyday in order to keep our body functioning properly. Foods rich in protein when consumed help to keep our blood sugar levels stable, increase metabolism and also help to provide us with the necessary energy to carry out with our daily activities. Here we shall discuss the health benefits of eating protein foods.

If you do not include the required amount of protein in your diet, you will end up suffering from a number of health issues. Hence it is essential to include the optimum amount of protein in your diet. Both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians should include good qualities of protein in their diet.

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health benefits of eating protein foods

Lack of enough protein in your diet can cause poor concentration levels, low energy levels and fatigue, trouble in losing weight, depression, mood swings and moodiness, problems in building muscle mass, a slow metabolism, low immunity levels, pain in the joints, bones and muscles, fluctuation in blood sugar levels which can lead to diabetes, etc.

health benefits of eating protein foods

Hence we see the need to consume optimum quantities of protein in order stay healthy, fit and fine. Rich sources of protein are lentils, fish, lean meat, milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, tofu, etc. Have these in moderate amounts enough to suffice your daily dose of protein needs. Men should eat 56 gm of protein each day and women should eat 46 gm of protein each day.

health benefits of eating protein foods

There are certain health benefits of eating protein everyday. Protein fills you up considerably. Hence it helps you to lose weight in the long run. It helps to stabilize your blood glucose levels. It helps to balance your hormones and keeps you free from anxiety .

health benefits of eating protein foods

Protein rich foods help your brain to function properly and help you to build and maintain strong bones. It also helps to build and maintain muscle mass. It stabilizes your blood pressure levels and keeps your heart strong.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 25, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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