Indian Food Habits That Are Healthy

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Indian food is always perceived as spicy and delicious. Though some cannot handle the hot spices and herbs, it is believed that only Indian food is the most healthiest compared to the other cuisines in the world.

Indian food has its unique aroma and taste, which makes every meal better than the other. On the other hand, the food habits Indians follow are so different that it is because of these habits that some of them don't suffer from major diseases.

Simple Ways To Add Protein To Indian Food

Following the Indian way of life and eating the right balanced foods cooked with rich spices and herbal oils can surely make you live a longer and healthier life.

So, today, if you want to change your life and add an extra dose of healthy habits, we think you should take a look at this article.

10 Healthy Facts About Your Favourite Indian Food

In this read, we'll tell you some of the secrets that Indians follow in their eating habits. Here below are some of the Indian food habits, which we think is the most nutritional, beneficial and simple way to live. Take a look:


Eat Away Those Spices:

Spices are extremely healthy for you to consume. Each of the spices have properties which will help to heal you from different ailments. Add turmeric to your meals to kill harmful bacteria in the body and add a dash of chilli too, if you want to lose weight.


The Presence Of Leaves:

Enriched with a ton of vitamins, adding curry leaves, coriander to Indian curries, etc, will also benefit the taste. So, add a few leaves to boost your immunity and keep yourself fit.


Say Hello To Spicy Food:

Indian food contains a ton of mixed spices, which therefore makes the meal spicy, giving you a teary eye. Red pepper and green chilles have vitamin C that keep you healthy. Spicy food also aids in weight loss and the herbs added to the meal help in preventing cancer.


Finger-Licking Good:

Indians resent the fork and spoon. Eating with the hands is considered to be extremely healthy for three reasons.First, by eating with our hands we are protected from consuming harmful bacteria. Second, the satisfaction you get from licking your fingers helps you to enjoy your meal better. Third, your hands help to smash the food better before consuming it, which therefore leads to better digestion.


The Banana Leaf:

One of the unique food habits of Indians is consuming foods on a banana leaf. These leaves have a wax coating which consists of a distinct flavour. Therefore, when hot food is placed on the leaf, the wax melts and blends into the food enriching the flavour of the food, making it taste better.


Sitting On The Floor:

Eating on the floor is considered to be healthy according to scriptures. Folding the legs and sitting to eat helps to improve the digestion better. It aids in giving your back a better posture, thus getting rid of back aches, and lastly it helps to improve your strength.


Refreshing Indian Drinks:

Drink one cup of coconut water daily, as it is the healthiest Indian drink that helps to fight cancer, builds on your immunity and keeps your immunity up. You can also try buttermilk, popularly known as "Chaas", to help digest the food better.


Aromatic Chutneys:

Mint chutney is famous in India. This chutney is healthier than a coconut chutney because consuming it will help in relieving indigestion. It gets rid of the pain in the body and also fights a cold and cough infection.

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