How These 2 Natural Ingredients (Carrot + Celery) Help Retain Your Vision

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Having a healthy pair of eyes until your old age is something everyone wishes to have. But unfortunately as one tends to age, the vision also tends to deteriorate.

Well, if you are worried about it then there are certain easy ways that help in keeping your eyes healthy and prevent any loss of vision. You need not go too far for it; there are two of these natural ingredients - carrot and celery that have proved helpful to keep the eyes healthy and help retain the vision.

how to keep our eyes healthy

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Both carrots and celery contain important nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium that are highly beneficial for eye health and prevent any vision loss. The blended juice prepared from carrot and celery also acts as an excellent hydrating agent for the body.

It is the vitamin A content in carrots and celery that helps in preventing eye-related problems like dry eyes and night blindness. Rich in vitamin C both carrots and celery help in boosting the immunity level and prevent free radicals from affecting the body cells.

how to keep our eyes healthy

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So here is the method to prepare the juice using carrot and celery for eye health that helps in retaining the vision. Take a look.

how to keep our eyes healthy

1. Take about 2 fresh carrots.

how to keep our eyes healthy

2. Take two to three stalks of fresh celery.

how to keep our eyes healthy

3. Add it to a juicer along with half a glass of water.

how to keep our eyes healthy

4. If you don't like the taste of these ingredients you could add a teaspoon of honey to it. It is not mandatory though.

5. Blend all the ingredients well using a mixture grinder.

6. Have this juice once in a day. It helps retain your vision.

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