7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cotton Fruit

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Many of you may have come across a fruit that looks like cotton on the inside, right? Well, it is called as the cotton fruit, or santol fruit, and it comes with numerous health benefits.

Although not as popular as the common fruit like apples and bananas, santol fruit is slowly making its name, as many research studies on this subject have claimed that consuming cotton fruit on a regular basis can help us improve our health.

During the ancient times, our ancestors knew the medicinal properties of various natural ingredients available, so they added them to their diets, in order to treat and prevent ailments.

However, as the years passed by, the knowledge about the positive effects of certain fruit and vegetables were lost and so people stopped paying much attention to them.

Fortunately, these days, scientists are rediscovering the health benefits of certain natural ingredients for the benefit of humanity and cotton fruit is one such ingredient.

So, have a look art some of the health benefits of cotton fruit, or santol fruit, here.


1. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Due to the presence of rich antioxidants and vitamins, cotton fruit has the ability to improve the blood flow to the heart, thus preventing certain cardiovascular diseases.


2. Treats Allergies

As santol fruit contains sandorinic acid and bryonotic acid, it can flush out the allergens from your body, thus preventing and even treating allergic reactions.


3. Reduces Cholesterol

Cotton fruit is rich in fibre content, so when consumed, the fibre can course through your body and eliminate then excess cholesterol, thus keeping you healthy.


4. Prevents Cavities

As santol fruit comes with anti-bacterial properties that can get rid of the bacteria in your mouth, it can prevent cavities and also reduce bad breath.


5. Prevents Cancer

Cotton fruit is known to prevent certain types of cancers, specially leukemia, as it is rich in phytonutreints that can prevent the abnormal multiplication of cancerous cells.


6. Prevents Alzheimer's

As santol fruit has the ability to nourish your brain cells and slow down cell degeneration, it can prevent certain diseases like Alzheimer's.


7. Treats Diarrhea

By boiling a few pieces of cotton fruit, along with vinegar and drinking the obtained juice, conditions like diarrhea can be reduced.

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