Interesting Facts To Know About The Best Time To Eat Some Foods

By: Niharika Choudhary
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Different types of foods have different kinds of nutrient value. They have different benefits and effects on our bodies as well. All the foods have their unique ways of eating them such as you can eat some foods raw or you cook some foods. Some foods have to be eaten dry and some have to be eaten when moist.

There are thousands of options in fruits and vegetables and methods to eat them. Some fruits and vegetables can be eaten with or without their peels, whereas you cannot eat a coconut without removing its shell, for obvious reasons!

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Eating some food items at their specific times is very important to get all their benefits. When eaten at the wrong time, these food items can cause harm to our bodies in different ways.

Foods like curd or banana can put us at risk of cough and cold when taken at night, whereas foods like cheese or sugar can put us at risk of gaining weight when eaten at night.

Hence, we are sharing the correct time to eat these foods, so that you can get the most benefit from them. After reading this article, you will be able to know the right time to eat these foods and let others also know.



Best Time To Eat: Day
When eaten in the daytime, curd helps in the digestion process and soothes the digestive system.

Worst Time To Eat: Night
Avoid eating curd in any form, especially during the night. It badly affects the respiratory tract causing cold and cough and leads to mucus formation.



Best Time To Eat: Morning
Apple is a rich source of pectin, especially the apple peel is packed with pectin. Pectin helps to smoothen the bowel function and prevents constipation.

Worst Time To Eat: Evening/Night
Apple has a high content of organic acid. When consumed at night, it builds up the acidic levels in the stomach leading to discomfort.


Pulses And Beans

Best Time To Eat: Night
Pulses and beans are loaded with dietary fibres. When taken at night, they help in digestion and lower the cholesterol levels. They also help you to get a good sleep.

Worst Time To Eat: Morning
Pulses and beans are loaded with fibre and when taken in the morning or daytime, it might lead to increase in the appetite. This could result into binge eating.



Best Time To Eat: Morning
We are more active in the day, so our body is able to burn more sugar throughout the day. Even the insulin in the body is more effective in breaking down the sugar in the morning hours.

Worst Time To Eat: Night
When taken at night, sugar increases the risk of the accumulation of body fat. It also harms the digestive system affecting your sleep.



Best Time To Eat: Noon
Banana is loaded with fibres that help in the digestion process. Banana also has natural antacids and helps in soothing heartburn.

Worst Time To Eat: Night
When eaten at night, banana increases cough and cold and leads to mucus formation. Since banana is very rich in magnesium, if taken on an empty stomach at night, it can lead to stomach troubles.



Best Time To Eat: Early Morning
Cheese is an excellent source of protein. For vegetarians, it is a good substitute for meat. When taken in a balanced amount, it can prevent weight gain and bloating.

Worst Time To Eat: Night
If eaten at night, cheese can be too heavy to digest. It could also lead to fat gain.



Best Time To Eat: Noon
Meat is a rich source of protein. It helps to boost physical strength and also improves concentration when taken during the daytime.

Worst Time To Eat: Night
Meat is hard to digest. The high content of protein makes it heavy for our digestive system to digest this food at night.

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