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Juicing- Get Your Facts Right!

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Many people love to embrace juicing as it promises good health. But it is also important to know about certain facts about juicing.

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Firstly, the process of juicing removes the fibre content from the food. As fibre is very important for your digestive system, it isn't recommended to totally live on juices. If you do so, your body will be deprived of fibre.

Also, it is important to drink a juice immediately after it has been juiced. Otherwise, the enzymes in it get degraded. Also, it is important to drink a juice on empty stomach as that helps your body quickly absorb it.

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As cooking destroys certain nutrients, many people prefer juicing and eating raw foods. So, let us discuss more facts about juicing.


Fact #1

Juicing removes fibre from fruits. When you drink the juice, the sugar first gets absorbed and spikes your blood sugar levels. That is why it is better to drink vegetable juices and eat fruits directly instead of juicing them.


Fact #2

It is not recommended to store juices for more than a day as enzyme degradation occurs after some time. The nutrient value of juices will come down.


Fact #3

Avocados and bananas should be blended as they can't be juiced. You obtain a puree when you grind them.


Fact #4

If you are juicing celery, remove the leaves as they contribute a bitter taste. Also, it is advisable to remove the skins of papaya and kiwi. But you don't need to peel lemons while juicing.


Fact #5

As leafy greens contain chlorophyll, drinking their juices can detoxify your body and circulate oxygen too. They also lower the acidity of your body.


Fact #6

Juices of broccoli, kale and spinach provide as much of calcium as milk; but drinking milk keeps you full as it also contains protein.


Fact #7

Grapefruits and oranges must be peeled before juicing. Even carrot greens must be eliminated before juicing. The skins of some fruits and vegetables contain toxins and therefore should not be juiced.


Fact #8

Eating 3 raw carrots is as good as drinking 5 glasses of carrot juice. So, if you can eat them raw, go for it instead of juicing.

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