Why Fermented Dairy Products Are Healthy

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Fermentation can make milk products more nutritious. Today, we call these fermented dairy products with a different name. They are called as cultured dairy products.

The process of fermentation can actually prolong the life of the milk. Also, the milk gets tasty and becomes easily digestible product.

Generally, the process of fermentation starts with adding the bacteria called as lactobacillus. Of course, you can also allow the milk to naturally get sour during the process of fermentation.

Today, fermented dairy gathered popularity mainly due to its distinct taste and health benefits too. They heal your system and that is why they are better compared to milk products according to some experts.Our digestive system can assimilate fermented milk in a better way. These products are also good for your liver and pancreas.

Also, certain studies state that the side effects of fermented milk are fewer compared to fresh milk in those who are allergic to dairy. But of course, it is advisable to use fermented dairy products ONLY after consulting a doctor. Now, let us discuss about the benefits of fermented dairy.


Healthy Bones

The calcium content in these products is good for your bones. They also provide vitamin B and phosphorous to your body. Your skin, bones, muscles, teeth and even your eye sight get benefited with them.


Energy Levels

Fermented dairy contains amino acids and vitamins which help you feel energetic throughout the day.



They enhance your immunity as they do contain some antibiotic agents which help your system face pathogens efficiently.



Fermented dairy products are good for digestion. They contain vitamins and minerals along with gut friendly bacteria that are soothing to your digestive system.


They Contain Fewer Carbs

Compared to regular milk products, fermented milk products contain lower amounts of carbs. So, they are surely a better option. During the process of fermentation, the sugars in the milk are reduced.



Yogurt is also fermented dairy. It contains protein, calcium and vitamin B. Yogurt can prevent osteoporosis, high BP, diarrhea, constipation and colon cancer according to a study.


Sour milk

Fermented milk can boost your immunity, optimize your cholesterol levels and prevent certain types of cancer.

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