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10 Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

By Debdataa

Tea is an awesome drink to give you an energetic start of a day. Actually, there is no specific time to have tea. You can take it at morning and also in the evening. It is such kind of a drink which has lots of health benefits.

Tea contains anti-oxidants which prevents the untimely aging and also builds a shield against the effects of pollution. Apart from your usual milk and sugar tea, there are lots of interesting recipes of tea which can make you feel relaxed after a tiring day.

Benefits Of Hot Tea In Summer

Now, with this healthy drink if you add ginger, the health benefits of ginger tea become double. A cup of iced ginger tea on a hot summer evening soothes your senses and also provides lots of health advantages.

Basically, to enhance the advantages of tea, you can mix honey, mint leaves, basil etc. with it. Likewise, ginger is also an ingredient which helps you to keep hale and hearty. Usually, ginger helps in proper digestion, cures any respiratory problems and also works on problems of constipation.

10 Best Tea For Diabetics

But what are the benefits of ginger tea? In various old Ayurvedic manuscripts, ginger is admired for its medicinal value. Let’s see what magic it creates when mixes with tea.

Here are some health benefits of ginger tea-


Prevent Vomiting Tendency

Do you nauseate before travelling or don't you know how to cope up with jet lag? Ginger tea is a wonderful solution to avoid vomiting tendency. If you usually suffer from motion sickness, have a cup of it before starting journey.


Soothes Your Stomach

It is a hard task to find a person who is free from any kind of stomach problem. This is one of the fantastic benefits of ginger tea that it helps in proper digestion. So, to shun stomach pain and irritating loud belching, have a cup of ginger tea.


Cures Respiratory Problems

A fuming cup of ginger tea in winter days helps you to get rid of any respiratory problems like cough and cold. Even this healthy drink opens the clogging nose and also fights against the allergies that happen due to sudden weather change.


Works Effectively On Asthma

Health benefits of ginger tea also include this. The symptoms of asthma increase with the weather change, especially in winter. Having ginger tea every day can cure your problem as ginger releases phlegm and helps to inflate lungs which makes breathing easy.


Decrease Inflammation

It is one of the magical benefits of ginger tea. There are diseases like athlete's foot, rheumatoid arthritis etc. which create a burning sensation, inflammation, immense pain, swelling of muscles and joints etc. Ginger tea is very beneficial for curing all these.


Cures Menstrual Problems

Many of the ladies face uneasiness and abdominal pain during their periods. Experts say that those who take ginger tea are less prone to certain periodic cramps and pain. Therefore it is definitely one of the most useful health benefits of ginger tea.


Recover Blood Circulation

Ginger tea is rich with lots of nutrients like vitamin C, Magnesium, minerals, Amino Acid etc. So, there is no question about the health benefits of ginger tea. It enhances blood circulation so that no blood clots can create any cardiovascular problem.


Strengthen Your Immunity

As ginger tea is a rich source of anti-oxidants, it increases your immunity and also controls your cholesterol level. Ginger helps in preventing fat deposit in arteries which results in avoiding strokes.


Stress Buster

When it is really difficult to lead a stress free life in today's world, you need to find something which reduce your stress level. Have ginger tea and feel refreshed within moments.


Works On Fertility

It is difficult to end this list of health benefits of ginger tea. Still, for the conclusion, it is proved by researches that ginger helps in improving sperm quality and thus enhance male fertility. Ginger tea also cures any male erectile trouble.

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Story first published: Friday, May 15, 2015, 22:03 [IST]