Where Vegetarians Get Their Proteins From

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A diet which is totally vegetarian is surely healthy in many ways but it has only one draw back. A typical vegetarian meal doesn't contain enough of proteins. But wait, don't jump into any conclusion as you can still load yourself with enough of proteins if you pick your vegetarian foods carefully.

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Yes, you don't need to start eating meat just to get some protein. There are some protein sources for vegetarian bodybuilders.

In fact, vegetarian protein foods are surely safer and lower in calories and are easily digestible. Though eggs and meat are great sources, you can still supply your body enough of building blocks by eating protein-rich vegetarian foods like lentils.

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In fact, drinking milk can be a great idea if you wish to stay away from meat and still get some protein. But there are some people who wish to even stay away from milk either due to lactose intolerance or due to the fact that milk is also an animal source of protein. For them, here is a list. Read on to know about protein sources for vegetarians.


Green Peas

Enjoy a cup of cooked peas along with your salads from now on as that would be around 4 grams of protein for you.


Baked Potatoes

Most of us hate potatoes and some of us do love them but frankly speaking, we never consider potatoes as protein sources. Yes, they too contain proteins. (Nearly 5 grams in a an average sized potato).


Brussels Sprouts

Apart from vitamins and minerals, these green vegetables also contains protein. Include them in your diet.



Even spinach contains protein though most of us are not aware of it. You can get at least 5-6 grams of protein if you consume a cup of spinach a day.



Lentils are the best source of proteins and Indian vegetarians love dishes like sambar and pongal where lentils are added in good quantities. In fact, if your diet includes such dishes, you are already getting some proteins through your diet.



Soak some almond in water every night and enjoy them as a breakfast snack. This is a good way to get some proteins through plant sources.



Apart from providing your system with some fibre, broccoli can also supply some amount of protein to your muscles if you consume it regularly.



Except popcorn, try other types of dishes with corn as it can be a good source of protein to you.

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