Fatty Snacks To Lose Weight

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We all love to snack as much as we want to lose weight. Our snacking habits add too many calories and very few nutrients to our bodies. When snacking is done in a healthy way, it helps increase the metabolism rate and it can even help lose weight.

Eating snacks in the right ratio will help to keep your body energised and helps you lose weight. Proteins fuel the growth of lean muscle mass which helps boost the metabolism and increase the rate of fat burn. So, make sure you have snacks rich in proteins to lose weight.

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Studies reveal that there are no foods that burn fat. But, selecting the right kind of foods might help in increasing the speed of your metabolism and this may indirectly help in weight loss.

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Snacks rich in fibre help improve digestion and keep you from binging on unhealthy snacks. So, selecting the right kind of snacks to lose weight is really important.

In this article, we share the list of snacks that help lose weight. Read on to know more.



Almonds contain alpha-linolenic acid. This component helps reduce weight drastically by improving the body's ability to burn fat faster. They are filled with healthy fats and vitamin E which help in nourishing your body. For best results, soak almonds overnight and eat them the next morning.


Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled Eggs are nutritious snacks post workout. They are rich in omega-3 fats, proteins and essential vitamins. These nutrients help in reducing weight. Make sure you consume egg white in your daily diet.


Tropical Green Smoothie

Make a mix of almond milk, a teaspoon of coconut oil, raw cocoa powder and a few strands of spinach. Grind them well and add ice cubes to to make a green smoothie. This drink is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and contains healthy fats. To add more flavour to this drink, garnish it with shredded coconut.



Chocolate lovers love this snack! If this ingredient is used as a weight loss snack, it is the best choice. Cocoa contains more phenolic antioxidants than any other food. Including cocoa in your diet helps improve your overall health as it protects your nerves from inflammation and also protects your skin from oxidative damage from UV radiation. This is one of the healthiest fatty snack to lose weight.



Wondering how this is on the list? Well, vinegar is widely used in dressing of salads. This ingredient helps stay fuller for a longer period of time. It helps lower the glycemic effect of a meal. This helps reduce the intake of food. Vinegar also helps avoid body-fat accumulation.



Adding just two teaspoons of flaxseeds to salads helps you gain 200% of the daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. This is one of the fatty snacks to include in your daily diet for weight loss.


Minty Iced Tea

A calorie-free drink generally does not qualify as a snack but this is one of the best choice to curb hunger. Green tea has the ability to burn fat due to the metabolism-boosting antioxidant compound in it known as EGCG. Drinking a lot of such liquids helps the body's processes run smoothly.

These are some of the snacks on our list. If you have any snack that can be shared then tell us.

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