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Benefits Of Including Olive Oil In Our Food

By Tanushree Kulkarni

Blessed with low cholesterol levels, less heart ailments and low obesity, olive oil is the secret of the amazing health that Greeks’ boast of.

Connoisseurs of food also love olive oil for the unique fruity flavor it brings to the food and the benefits of eating olive oil everyday.

How Healthy Is Olive Oil For Cooking

Studies have shown that olive oil is packed with antioxidants and fatty acids that work wonders for the body. Olive oil is also free from cholesterol, salt, gluten, trans fats and sugar which causes most health related problems in individuals.

Today, we at Boldsky will tell you why you should include olive oil in your diet too.

Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil

So, lets embrace olive oil whole heartedly into our diet and reap health benefits of this nectar of god.

Here are 8 reasons why you should include Olive oil in your diet too.


1.Helps Regulate Your Weight

Mediterraneans are known to consume more than twenty liters of olive oil every year but they still are far from fat. According to the experts, including olive oil in your diet helps in weight loss. An olive oil diet is even better than a low-fat diet.


2.Helps In Controlling Diabetes

Olive oil helps in regulating and balancing insulin levels in body which helps in protecting against Diabetes. Including olive oil in the diet helps in preventing or delaying the onset of diabetes. So, say hello to diabetes free body by including olive oil in your food.


3.Get A Glowing And Healthy Skin

Studies have shown that regular consumption of olive oil protects against aging, skin damage and osteoporosis giving you a healthy and youthful skin. Its regular consumption adds a protective coating on the skin.


4.Improves Your Mental Health

Olive oil is a great source of good fat or monounsaturated fat which helps in preventing or slowing down the onset of diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease. According to studies, a diet rich in olives and olive oil reduces the risk of developing depression too.


5.Protects Against Different Types Of Cancer

Olive oil helps in protection against colon, breast, and skin cancer. Olive oil is rich in phenolic antioxidants and anti cancer compounds which helps protect against breast cancer, skin cancer and colon cancer. It is also rich in monounsaturated fats which help in combating chronic and excessive inflammation. It also helps in neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals.


6.Helps Protect Your Heart

Olive oil is rich in biophenols, which helps regulate LDL or bad cholesterol which leads to heart diseases. The Biophenols present in olive oil helps in reducing BP thereby, reducing arterial plaque as well.


7.Protects Against Stomach Ulcer

Olive oil has antimicrobial properties which fights against bacteria responsible for causing stomach ulcers. High level of polyphenols present in olive oil helps in protection against ulcer causing bacteria.


8.Boost Your Iron Intake With Olive Oil

Olive oil has a substantial amount of iron which is the key factor in the formation of hemoglobin. Iron present in the body also helps in building enzymes which strengthens immune function.

But in order to properly get these health benefits, make sure the olive oil you are purchasing is real and unadulterated. Often, olive oil is mixed with cheap oils and is sold as pure olive oil. So, beware of adulterated olive oil and make sure to buy olive oil that is branded and certified.

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