Are Eggs Bad For Cholesterol: An Entire Guide

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Though eggs are nutritious, they carry bad reputation just because they are said to contain cholesterol. When a single egg carries nearly 180 milligrams of cholesterol, we surely have a reason to believe that it is unhealthy. But actually, the cholesterol you eat would not kill you.

Though, we all relate cholesterol with heart attacks, we all need it as there is something called as good cholesterol and something called as bad cholesterol.

And your body needs good cholesterol. In fact, your body needs cholesterol in order to produce hormones like cortisol, estrogen and testosterone.

In fact, that is the reason why your body always stores some cholesterol. In fact, your body too produces cholesterol but when you get it enough from the diet, your body will produce less.

Also, do you know that even eggs contain antioxidants? Well, they are known as Zeaxanthin and Lutein. They are very good for your eyes. They are present in the yolk; not the egg white. We generally stay away from the yolk as we think it is full of cholesterol. A study also says that these antioxidants significantly reduce the risk of cataracts as you age!

Also, another important fact about eggs is that they contain 11 amino acids which have the reputation of sustaining life in us. So, are eggs healthy? Well, let us discuss what eggs can do to your health.


You'll Feel Full

Eggs keep you full and stabilise your appetite. This can reduce your cravings and keep you slim!


Your Stress Levels Will Be reduced

A study revealed that eggs can also reduce your stress levels drastically as they can affect your mood indirectly.


They Provide Healthy Skin And Hair

Eggs are rich in B complex vitamins. They enhance the quality of your skin and hair. They are also good for your nervous system.


Your Body Absorbs Calcium Well

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb Calcium well. Though you can get that in sunlight, eggs can also provide the same and indirectly strengthen your bones as well as your teeth.


Eggs Impact Your Cholesterol Profile

Yes, eggs contain cholesterol but there are both good and bad cholesterol. When the good cholesterol is proportionally higher than the bad, you are safe.


It's Good For Your Brain

Eggs contain a nutrient known as choline which enhances the neurological functions in your body.


They Reduce The Risk Of Cardio Vascular Diseases

Bad cholesterol affects your arteries. But we can't blame eggs for bad cholesterol as they contain good cholesterol too. That is why, may be, health experts say that eggs can also reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases.


Your Immunity Gets A Boost

Eggs are said to give a boost to your immune system and help your body fight against infections. So, eating them regularly may help you.


They Enhance Your Energy Levels

Your body needs certain vitamins that help convert the food matter into fuel. Eggs contain those necessary nutrients.

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