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11 Amazing Health Benefits Of Curd

Curd is healthy. It is consumed by people of almost all countries and cultures. In some parts of India, curd is a part of almost every meal. Well, there are so many health benefits of curd. It is better to consume dahi in some way or the other in your daily life in order to reap all its health benefits.

Those suffering from lactose intolerance can also use curd without worrying much about the side effects. It is generally used in many home remedies too due to the health benefits of curd.

Ways To Use Curd On Face

You can use either cow's milk or buffalo's milk but make it a point to consume curd regularly to maintain a healthy body. In fact, curd doesn't lose its nutrients even when it is boiled. Housewives use curd in various curries they prepare. Now, here are some health benefits of curd:


Curd is good for your digestive system

Firstly, curd gets easily digested. Secondly, it helps your body absorb your food well. In fact, when you eat spicy food, it is better to consume curd along with it. Never miss curd when you enjoy spicy biriyani.


It is good for your heart

Curd helps in maintaining a healthy heart. It helps in keeping the cholesterol levels under control. Eating dahi regularly helps in maintaining a healthy heart. This is one of the nutritional benefits of curd.


It is good for your immune system

Curd plays an important role in strengthening your immunity. Also, women who suffer from yeast infections can consume curd to get rid of it.


It is a good calcium source

We all know the fact that curd contains Calcium and Phosphorous. So, it is good for your bones and also your teeth. If you want to prevent certain problems such as osteoporosis, it is better to consume curd regularly.


It is also good for external use

You can use curd on your skin to get that 'glow'. You can use curd with lemon on your face to see glowing results. Do it twice a week for a month and see the results.


You can eliminate dandruff

Most of us don't know that curd is a good anti-dandruff solution. Rubbing some curd on your scalp helps get rid of dandruff. Curd is anti-fungal and that's how it helps in clearing dandruff. Try this remedy.


Curd for weight loss

For people whose obesity is a result of hormonal imbalances, curd helps in weight loss by controlling the cortisol levels. But others must consume curd only after looking at their daily caloric consumption.


It helps combat stress

Stress damages health. Curd helps in reducing stress and anxiety. This is one of the benefits of dahi. Curd tends to calm you down. It gives you a 'cool' feeling inside, right?


For people suffering from piles

Research suggests that curd can be used by those who suffer from piles. Eating curd rice along with ginger might help.


Curd for oral problems

Curd prevents certain oral problems, which are bacterial in nature. This is one of the health benefits of dahi.


Curd can increase appetite

Consuming curd along with salt/sugar is good for your appetite. This is one of the health benefits of curd.

Story first published: Monday, December 22, 2014, 17:31 [IST]
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