Walnuts For Your Health

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Walnuts are very good for your health. In fact, many have also termed it as a wonder fruit due to its amazing health benefits. This nut is very healthy and hence you can crunch on it for a good living. And moreover as they are tasty they shall definitely be liked by all. You do not have to force your kids hard for it. Here are a few reasons as to why we consider walnuts to be so healthy.


Heart Healthy- Walnuts are heart healthy. They increase the blood vessel elasticity and plaque accumulation. Hence they reduce the chances of a heart disease to a great extent. They also significantly reduce the cholesterol levels in our bodies to a significant level. Walnuts are healthy for our heart also because they are a rich store house of omega-3 fatty acids. People having cholesterol problems must have such healthy nuts in their diet to reduce the chances of a stroke.

Helps You Sleep- Having sleep problems? The cure is here. Walnuts are very good for a sound sleep. They release a hormone called melatonin that helps your body relax. This also helps you get sound sleep by releasing the right amount of melatonin needed by your body.

Lose Weight- Did you know that eating walnuts are a very healthy way of losing weight. This is one of the most healthy nuts that reduces the cholesterol levels in your blood and improves bowel movements. It thus helps in better digestion and burns more calories. You can thus lose weight easily by having 2-3 walnuts everyday.

Diabetes- Having walnuts is healthy because it improves endothelial function in the human body. It dilates blood vessels and reduces metabolic syndrome. This helps control diabetes. Walnuts are thus very good for diabetic patients.

Cancer- Walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts that can help in the prevention of cancer in a natural way. The antioxidants packed in it are extremely good for the prevention of the formation of cancer cells. Walnuts are especially good for the prevention of breast or prostrate cancer. They also reduce the chances of the formation of tumours to a great extent.

Vitamin E and Protein- Walnuts are also a rich source of vitamin E and protein. In fact it is so high in its protein content that it is even regarded as a healthy substitute of meat. So, if you are a vegetarian then have it to get enough protein in your meals.

Have walnuts and take a step ahead towards a healthy living.

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