Roti Vs Rice: Which Is Better?

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Well the age old war between roti and rice is still on. People give numerous arguments in favour of each. Some say that rice makes you fat, while some say that rotis are difficult to digest. So what is true and what not? Find out if rice makes you fat or roti is difficult to digest. Lets see which one comes out victorious in this conflict of healthy grains.

Carbohydrates- Well to start with, rice is a low carbohydrate diet while roti is rich in complex carbohydrates. The process of these enzymes breaking down the complex carbohydrates leads to much more calorie consumption. Thus if you consume rice,there is a lesser amount of energy needed to break down the carbohydrate particles than roti. For people with a weak digestive system, it becomes difficult to digest rotis easily. its better to consume rice not rotis if you have an upset stomach.

Roti Vs Rice

Lethargy- You must have seen people telling that they feel lazy after having rice in their lunch or dinner. The intake of rice causes a fast blood sugar spike. That is the reason behind people feeling lethargic after eating rice. But on the other hand if you have rotis in your diet then you will not feel lazy after your meal. Taking this point into view, we see that in this war of rice and rotis, the latter has emerged as the predominant winner.

Fat- Rice is rich in fats. So if you are a diet freak then it is better not to go for it. On the other hand rotis are not so rich in fats. That is why people with thyroid or obesity are recommended not to eat rice in their meals as rice makes you fat.

A lot also depends on the way you cook rice. If you cook rice in a pressure cooker then its a lot more unhealthy as it absorbs all the water from the rice. Cook rice in an open vessel and then strain off the extra water.

Fibre- Which one has more fibres, rice or rotis? The answer is very easy as rotis are rich in complex carbohydrates they are also a rich source of fibre. Fibre is very essential to maintain comfortable movements bowel . Rice on the other hand does not provide us with so much of dietary fibre when compared to rotis.

Both rice and rotis are healthy grains and have their own merits and demerits. So take these factors into consideration before you include rice or rotis in your meal.

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