Vegetables That You Can Eat Raw

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Not all vegetables can be eaten in their raw form. There are certain raw vegetables that are conventionally eaten without being cooked. The list of these vegetables varies from one culture to another. There are some vegetables like the common potatoes that are actually poisonous when eaten raw. Some vegetables do not taste that great when eaten in an uncooked state. Beans, for example, can be eaten uncooked but they will not taste good.

Salad vegetables are those vegetables that can be eaten raw and also taste good in their raw state. Here are few raw vegetables that you simply must add to your salads.

Raw Vegetables

5 Raw Vegetables To Include In Salads:

1. Iceberg Lettuce: This member of the green leafy vegetables family is one of the best vegetables for salads. It forms a great salad base and your experience of eating raw vegetables cannot be completed without lettuce. It has all the usually nutritional elements like iron, vitamin B 12 and lots of fibre.

2. Carrots And Beetroots: Both these vegetables have a special nutrient called Lycopene. This helps fight cancer and is good for your eyesight. Recently, many scientific studies that indicated that the effect of lycopene is enhanced by cooking (boiling) these vegetables. However, eating these vegetables raw makes them better sources of dietary fibres.

3. Onions: We simply love the smell of caramelized onions but as far as nutrition is concerned, onions are better off raw. Onions have a nutrient called flavonoids that are extremely effective as anti-clotting agents. This makes them natural enemies to cardiovascular diseases, hardened and clocked arteries.

4. Broccoli: It is one of the latest additions to the list of superfoods. It is one of the best food for fibre and is naturally healthy due to its green colour. Broccoli has a nutrient called sulforaphane that has a detoxifying effect on the body. That is why eating broccoli gives you a clear skin and delays ageing. And if you eat broccoli raw, your body will absorb the sulforaphane much quicker than eating cooked broccoli.

5. Bell Peppers: These vegetables are a dieter's dream. They are extremely low in terms of calories and rich in antioxidants that fights cancer. You also gain vitamin C and A from bell peppers. But the nutrients in bell peppers are easily denatured by heat so it is best to eat them raw.

These are some the best vegetables for eating raw. What else you add to your salads?

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