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Nutritious & Filling Bedtime Snacks!

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Nutritious Bedtime Snacks
For a healthy diet, it is advised to have dinner 3-4 hours before going to sleep but generally dieters tend to get hungry and opt for bedtime snacks which spoil their diet routine. Bedtime snacks if not healthy can lead to indigestion or an improper sleep. Therefore, lets have a look at nutritious bedtime snacks which can satisfy the post dinner cravings and not lead to gain extra unwanted weight.

Nutritious bedtime snacks:

  • Low fat dairy products like yogurt, milk or ice cream can be healthy bedtime snack. Having dairy products like a glass of skimmed milk or low sugar yogurt or any dairy product, provides valuable amounts of carbohydrates and tryptophan (an amino acid which helps the brain to utilise serotonin) foods high in vitamin B increases serotonin levels. Banana, egg, nuts, peas or dark chocolate are serotonin rich food.
  • Nuts and healthy seeds such as peanuts, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are rich in tryptophan and low-glycemic. The healthy fats in nuts and seeds promote satiation. For a filling and crunchy bedtime snack, have a whole grain bread with peanut butter. Prefer having organic seeds as they are healthy when compared to roasted ones. Little roasted seeds with salt can be consumed as a healthy and nutritious bedtime snack.
  • Juicy fruits such as grapes are easy to eat during the lazy mood. It is rich water content which allows you to eat more while adding less calories. It contains 90 percent water and provide less than 40 calories per serving. Other water-rich varieties include berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes and melon. Beans, carrots, broccoli, peas, raspberries and sweet potatoes are vegetables which provide fiber and carbohydrates to keep you full and add less calories. Having these nutritious bedtime snacks also makes you get deep and healthy sleep!
  • Low fat popcorns are tasty as well as healthy bedtime snacks. These are easy to cook and can be a nice bedtime snacks option. Avoid having extra salted or popcorn with butter.
  • Oatmeal with banana is another nutritious bedtime snack food which can be filling as well as tasty!
  • Plain rice cakes are less in sugar content which controls blood pressure levels.

Have these nutritious bedtime snacks instead of going for oily snacks like mixture!

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Story first published: Thursday, September 15, 2011, 13:03 [IST]
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