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Top 5 Foods To Increase Memory!

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Food For Memory
There is no alternative or supplement for a good memory. It is that one special 'something' that will make the difference between who gets the corner cabin and who sits in the cubicle. Memory foods have the potential to give you one thing that no gym or spa can, good memory. So dump all the diets for weight loss and get on to a brain diet. Increasing your memory with food is the a fool proof method that cannot have any side effects on your health like chemical pills that you take before exams.

Here are some of main foods for memory enhancements that when included in your diet for a sharp brain will give great results.

Top 5 Foods For Memory:

1. Tea: Some of us can vaguely recall our grandfathers saying that if you drink tea you will be good in mathematics. It is a old woman's myth but there is solid scientific backing for it. Tea has ten times more anti oxidants than any fruits or vegetables. The particular anti oxidant in tea are called polyphenols and they stimulate your mind. Tea has also has a serene effect on your brain due to the special amino acids; it allows you to think clearly. This secret for memory charging was found in ancient China by making a concoction of wild leaves that we know as 'tea' today. Ginsing tea has best of the various types available.

2. From The Herb Garden: Have you ever heard of the phrase 'rosemary for remembrance'. It is an ancient magical belief that the herb rosemary brings back old memories (even from your last life). The chemical reason for this is the carnosic acid present in the aroma of rosemary that stimulates brain muscles. Ginko and Gotu Kola are also herbs used for memory in the African continent.

3. Fruits: Red and Blue will give your memory a real high. Apples and blueberries are the best known natural foods for memory enhancement. If you have a slipping memory then quercetin in apples is what you need. Blue fruits and berries have anthocyanin for increasing memory.

4. Vegetables: It is blue, red and green when it comes to vegetables. Brinjals or eggplants are infallible when it comes to your brain diet. The special nutrient nasunin in eggplants keeps the brain healthy by nurturing the lipids of the brain tissues. Beet roots and onions too supplement memory. But green, especially dark green vegtables with all their folic acids, are so good for your brain that they are prescribed to amnesia patients.

5. Fish: Bengalis keep getting the jibe that the have 'fish brains' because their diet contains lots of fish. Fish is quite simply a brain food because of the omega-3-fatty acids in its oils. The nutrients of the fish oil are irreplaceable because they cannot be produced naturally in the body.

Follow these good health tips and have lots of memory foods.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 12:41 [IST]
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