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5 Instant Energy Foods To Fight Fatigue!

You are feeling all drained out by the end of a working day and you still have a birthday party to organise? What you need is foods for instant energy that will restore your sapping energy levels. These high energy foods are your super foods for such emergency situations when you cannot afford to be tired and crawl into the first bed you see. In fact having them on a daily basis is a sure short way to get more energy for your daily work schedule and household responsibilities. This is an age that doesn't give time to rest enough so combat fatigue with these instant energy foods.

Here is a list of the top 5 foods you should reach out for when you are really tired and don't have the chance to rest.

Top 5 Foods For Instant Energy:

1. Lemonade: It is not just some cool beverage that we sip casually on lazy afternoons, it is actually the quickest way to get more energy. This is because it contains glucose (from sugar) in the diluted form, so it can be directly absorbed into the blood without any need for the digestive process to step in and break down the food. Secondly, there are fluids in it that keeps the body hydrated, the salt too adds essential minerals to the body loses due to sweating on a hot day. Last but not the least is vitamin C from the lemon.

2. Banana: Ever wondered why sportsmen are seen gulping down bananas on the side lines of a ground? It is because bananas are really quick energy foods that gives you all the simple sugars and carbohydrates that you need for getting all pepped up. To add to it, it has iron that is an essential component of hemoglobin in the blood. The higher your hemoglobin count the more oxygen your body gets and the more energetic you feel.

3. Cheese: Say cheese is a policy crash dieters follow. They eat a cube of cheese whenever they are about to swoon and starve themselves to loose weight. That is malpractice but it proves that cheese is a very high energy food. It facilitates the release of hormones in the body that are 'stimulants', they make you active.

4. Strawberries: Not only are they beautiful to look at and awesome to taste but also a sure shot formula for instant energy. Strawberries have lots of fibre that all high energy foods must contain and also a high dose of Vitamin C and antioxidants that clean the tissues to boost energy.

5. Green Tea: It is a healthy stimulant for your central nervous system that makes you feel more alert and responsive to your environment. Green tea has more antioxidants than normal tea or coffee that cleanse the body and boost energy all at once.

Follow some good health tips and choose the above mentioned super foods for instant energy.

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Story first published: Monday, October 24, 2011, 12:04 [IST]
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