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    Does Barley Water Really Cure Kidney Stones? Here's All You Need To Know

    By Avni Porwal

    Talking about diseases, we humans can completely blame it on our unhealthy and uncensored food habits and diets. We are way too civilized and developed, but only to ignore our health leaving behind our life, safety etc. in the clutches of our horribly torn and wrung lifestyle.

    Sometimes we become overprotective or too health conscious, and we tend to skip what's important and start following others blindly without a deeper knowledge of it.

    benefits drinking barley water for kidney stone

    In this era, people have started to follow the age-old styles and ways of living as they have now recognised that what our ancestors followed were not mere useless ideas, they had some or the other logical ideas and reasoning behind doing so.

    This can be seen in the case of food habits as there was a time when our ancestors used to drink barley water every day and it used to be included in their daily diet. The mere difference is that nowadays, this barley water is now known as 'Beer' by the civilized man and now they drink it as an alcoholic beverage, without even knowing its usefulness for the human body.

    Barley water is made out of a whole grain named barley and was not that famous as the other whole grains, until when the scientists and researchers found out the curing nature of the grain.

    This wholesome and versatile grain is helpful in curing a lot of human diseases, such as asthma, obesity, arthritis, anemia, impotence, etc. It also has other useful features too as it's a multi-nutrient-rich grain which is an important source of fibre, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

    Barley water is a natural and one of the essential ways to cure or to get rid of kidney stones. Drinking a lot of water as well as barley water is one of the most prescribed medicines by doctors all over the world for patients suffering from kidney stones, as it is a natural as well as an easy way to get rid of kidney stones. Anyone can make it at home.

    Barley water is one of the best natural health boosters and also helps cure chronic diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, etc. It is also used as a daily diet drink as it prevents as well as cures digestive problems, urinary problems, kidney stones, etc.

    Let's Check Out What Actually Kidney Stones Are

    1. Deposits inside the kidney or uterus also detected as cysts, which are formed usually by calcium crystals in most cases.
    2. These deposits of minerals could vary in their sizes ranging from a small sand grain to the size of a golf ball.
    3. It can cause inflammation, abdominal pain, groin pain, etc.

    Causes Of Kidney Stones

    1. It can be a product of some kind of hereditary disorder or problem.
    2. The kidney can also be risked through excessive intake of canned, refined, and processed foods.
    3. It can also be a side effect of some medicinal intake which is regularly taken and contains antacids.

    How Does Barley Water Help Dissolve The Kidney Stones?

    1. Mineral deposits being the sole cause of kidney stones, barley water flushes out all these toxins and baby crystals through urine.
    2. This multi-nutrient rich grain also has vitamin B6 and magnesium which has the power to break calcium oxalate into pieces which later on turn into stones.
    3. As barley water comes under the liquid substances, intake of this water helps create bladder pressure and the nutrients in it help dissolve the stones, hence, causing the stone to decrease in size and flush out of the body.
    4. This grain being rich in dietary fibre also helps in reducing the excretion of the calcium content of our urine.

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