Here Is How Chilli Pepper Can Cure Breast Cancer

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Different types of cancers respond to different treatments and it was found that breast cancer is the most aggressive form of cancer that is difficult to treat.

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As per a recent study, scientists have found a natural remedy for breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer around the world that affects women, regardless of the race and age.

natural remedy for breast cancer

Breast cancer has been classified into subtypes. These have been classified as per the presence and absence of three receptors that promote breast cancer. They are oestrogen, progesterone and the epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2).

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Breast cancers are very difficult to treat and chemotherapy is the only option. A new study stated that this aggressive form of cancer can be treated at home with the help of a spicy ingredient, which is commonly known as chilli pepper.

natural remedy for breast cancer

Apart from that chilli pepper is also known to have health promoting and disease preventing properties. They are a rich source of Vitamin C and also protects againt infectious agents. It also protects the body from the effects caused by free radicals. 

It is also enriched with magnesium, calcium and iron and also protects against heart rate and blood pressure. 


TRP Channels:

Chilli peppers contain an active ingredient called capsaicin that influences the growth of cancer cells. As per research, it was shown that several transient receptor potential (TRP) channels influence cancer cell growth. TRP channels are said to be membranous ion channels that can be influenced by stimuli.


Capsaicin Effect:

Capsaicin is known to have the capacity to induce cell death and prevent the growth of cancer cells. It is not only effective in treating breast cancer, but can also treat colon and pancreatic cancer.


Olfactory Receptors:

It is said that olfactory receptors are found in the cultivated cells. These are proteins that bind to small molecules together. It is in turn activated by capsaicin. It was also found that after the TRP channels are activated, cancer cells died and the tumour cells died in large numbers due to these molecules, as per study.


For Breast Cancer Treatment:

Finally, it was concluded from a study that intake of capsaicin through food or inhalation is sufficient to treat breast cancer.

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