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Healthy Habits To Follow That Can Avoid Dry Skin

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

Dry skin is no fun for anyone. Who really wants to look like a scaly monster all through the year, flaking and crusting when the rest of the world is glowing with happiness?

However, if you have really dry skin, you might have a tendency to itch at those dry areas, not to mention how bad you'll look and feel all through the year.

Dry skin is actually a health problem, but there's nothing to get too alarmed about; it's completely treatable. By adopting certain healthy lifestyle changes and habits, we can make sure this skin condition is treated effectively.

Hydration of the skin is the main important point that can help avoid people having this skin condition.

habits to help avoid dry skin

So, here's a list of certain healthy habits that you need to incorporate in your daily life to beat the issue of dry skin for good. Take a look.

Drink At Least Eight Glasses Of Water Every Day:

People with dry skin suffer from dehydrated systems and therefore need lots of water. A minimum of eight glasses of water, if not more, is guaranteed to keep the person in top shape, and do wonders for his overall health. All that water helps tackle dry skin problems effectively.

A Regular Oil Massage:

Experts prescribe a regular warm oil massage for a person having extreme dry skin condition. A warm massage with sesame oil prior to bathing is just the thing, they say. If followed punctually, this will rev up their poor circulation, thus preventing those dry skin issues. After bathing, they could use a mild emollient like coconut oil and dry themselves off with a soft cloth instead of a terry towel.

Eat Healthy:

People with dry skin should consume plenty of nuts and seeds, as this helps boost body warmth. They should also eat plenty of vegetables and add a spoonful of ghee or olive oil to every meal that they eat. They should also eat their meals warm, a cold food can increase the chances of dryness. A healthy diet helps prevent dry skin woes.


Exercise helps those who belong to the group of people suffering from extreme dryness of skin. At least one hour of pranayama or yoga every day to de-stress themselves and boost their blood circulation is necessary. They should select the kind of workout that interests them and stick to it till it brings them good results. Regular exercise contributes to healthy skin.

Sleep At Sunset :

Apparently, calling it a night at around 8.30 PM might be a good thing, as per experts, because it eases stress, resets the biological clock and gets the people the much needed recharge that they need. This also indirectly helps treat the condition of dry skin effectively. This is one healthy habit no one must ignore.

Story first published: Sunday, July 16, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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