What You Should Know About Your BP

By: Niharika Choudhary
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Did you know that your blood pressure rises with each heartbeat of yours and falls when your heart relaxes between the beats?

A person's blood pressure keeps changing from minute to minute, depending upon what the person is doing.

The blood pressure is higher when we indulge into activities like any kind of a workout session or any stressful situation when compared to sleeping or sitting where we are in a relaxed state.

Blood Pressure should normally be less than 120/80 mm Hg for an adult aged 20 years or over, this means the maximum (Systolic) limit should be 120 mm Hg and the minimum (Diastolic) limit should be 80 mm Hg.

A higher systolic pressure commonly called high blood pressure is the main cause for any cardiovascular disease in people over the age of 50 years.

In most people, there are several other reasons like stiffness of arteries, increased incidence of cardiac and vascular diseases and build-up of plaque that attribute to the increase of Systolic Pressure, these symptoms increase with age.

Blood pressure varies from person to person and is different for all age groups as well.

So listed here in this article are some of the causes of BP, its symptoms and the various home remedies that can be followed to control BP. Have a look:

What You Should Know About Your BP

Causes Of Blood Pressure

Causes Of Blood Pressure

One major cause of blood pressure is family history. If your parents or any of your close blood relative, mostly grandparents, have BP then it's most likely that you'll inherit it too. Ageing, obesity, lack of or no physical activities can put you to a high risk of BP.

Lifestyle also has a major effect on blood pressure like too much smoking, drinking, sleep apnoea, etc, can cause BP. Other than these, even simple eating habits like eating too much salt brings in the threat of blood pressure.

Symptoms Of Blood Pressure - High & Low

Symptoms Of Blood Pressure - High & Low

Did you know that high blood pressure is also called 'Silent Killer' because most of the times it has no symptoms; however, if not diagnosed at the right time, it eventually damages your arteries and vital organs.

Some people might complain of shortness of breath or nosebleeds if they're suffering from high BP.

People with low blood pressure might complain of dizziness or feeling of lightheadedness, blurred vision, sudden palpitations and nausea.

Can Blood Pressure Be Controlled?

The answer is Yes. With some adjustments in your lifestyle, you can control your blood pressure; however, you'll have to monitor it periodically.

When it comes to eating habits, reducing your intake of salt is the first step towards restricting your blood pressure. It's also very important to maintain a healthy weight, which means a person with BP should get involved in different workouts or activities as per his/her BP limits.

Avoiding excessive smoking and drinking also help fight BP. Following a proper sleep routine, de-stressing and taking prescribed medicines can help you to keep a check on your BP level too.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies

You can try to add or replace some natural ingredients in your meals and counter your blood pressure; however, these may vary depending on whether you have high or low blood pressure.

Avoid salt or sodium intake, red meat, egg yolk, mangoes, Chinese food, baked products, alcohol, whole milk, pickles, etc.

Include spinach & leafy green vegetables, berries, white part of the egg, whole grains, citrus fruits, watermelon, skimmed milk, grape juice, beans, potatoes, beets, oatmeal, banana, drumsticks, etc, in your diet on a daily basis.

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