What Causes Vaginal Rashes?

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Vaginal rashes are one of the many problems modern women face today. The most common form of rash around the vagina can occur from skin irritation and chafing. The skin on the vagina or the vulva may appear reddened with small red bumps that can be extremely sensitive to touch.

Hence, a good skin hygiene and the use of clean absorbent cotton underwear is usually enough to clear it up in a matter of days. According to experts, if women follow basic hygiene rules, the vagina can be saved from itchy rashes. However, the question that lies unanswered is, what are the main causes behind a vaginal rash?

Apart from yeast infections, it is the type of water and the product you use against the vulva skin that causes the rash on the labia. To get rid of this genital rash, women should follow a set of home remedies that will be gentle on their zone below.

Using these natural ingredients on the skin can also help to ward-off other infections and keep your lovely lady parts safe. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the main causes of a vaginal rash. All you need to do is to set a new and healthy hygienic lifestyle:


A Wrong Underwear:

For bacteria to grow, breathe and multiply, a warm and cosy environment is enough, which only tight and wrong material underwear can provide. If you want the rash to go away soon, you've got to give it some air, which means that you need to opt for a better cotton material underwear.


Your Body Lacks Water:

The best ingredient that flushes out toxins from the body is water. By drinking enough water, you are pushing out more urine from the vagina, which only means that you are discarding the bacteria, that has caused the rash, from the erogenous zone.


No To Feminine Products:

Today, there are more than a handful of feminine products available in the market that are rather exciting. By using products like lube, sprays, scented pads, creams and tampons,the skin immensely gets irritated and this inturn makes you feel itchy. This might cause a tear in the skin, which will automatically lead to an infection and a vaginal or labia rash.


Wash, Wash & Wash:

Washing your vaginal area three to four times in a day is unhealthy as well. Water removes the good bacteria in the vagina and this dryness invites bad bacteria that cause infection, which in turn leads to vaginal rashes. It is best to avoid harsh products on the zone at the same time, and twice in a day is the best to rinse your lady parts.


Tight Clothing:

Wearing tight clothing will not allow air to pass through the garment, thus increasing the chance of you developing a vaginal rash. On the other hand, wearing wet clothes for a long time reacts with the skin, thus causing bacteria to grow in the erogenous zone.


Ooops, The Wrong Diet:

A wrong diet is one of the causes for vaginal rashes. Consuming the wrong type of food will only aggravate your delicate skin. If you add natural antibacterial foods like yoghurt, garlic and ginger, it will help heal and get rid of the bacteria in the vagina.


Avoiding Cleanliness Post Sex:

If you fail to wash yourself after an intercourse, there is a great chance of you developing an infection. It is important to urinate right after the sex to eliminate the bacteria in the vagina.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 6, 2016, 18:00 [IST]
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