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These 7 Tricks Will Help Reduce Menstrual Pain Instantly!

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Surely, most women would only be too familiar with the painful monthly visits from mother nature, which are quite inevitable!

Yes, period cramps or menstrual pain proves to be a bane for most women, since the time they hit puberty up until menopause!

Imagine having to go through that intense pain in your lower abdominal area, every month, for 40 plus years! It can seem quite scary, right?

Well, most of us women folk experience the discomfort of period pain each month and the intensity of the pain can vary from woman to woman.

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For a few lucky woman out there, the period cramps last only for a couple of hours when their period starts for the month, while a few other women can experience the excruciating pain for a day or two!

Menstrual cramps occur when the uterine muscles contract to ease the blood flow, leading to more pain.

Many a times, unable to bear the pain, women resort to popping in painkillers to find relief; however, this practice is not healthy at all!

So, if you are looking for simple ways to reduce period pain, have a look at these simple tricks!


1. Munch On Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and also magnesium that enter your bloodstream, when consumed, and provide a great relief from the period pain!


2. Hot Water Pack

This is an age-old trick. You can fill a water bag with some hot water and place it on your lower abdominal region in order to reduce inflammation and pain.


3. Have Orgasms

This is definitely a fun way to ease away menstrual cramps because orgasms are known to relax the uterine muscles and improve the blood flow in that region, thus reducing pain!


4. Hydrate Yourself

It is important to keep yourself hydrated with water and juice while you are menstruating because dehydration can just worsen your cramps and can make you feel tired!


5. Use Lavender Oil

A research has shown that inhaling the scent of lavender oil can relax your muscles and reduce inflammation, thereby easing away period pain!


6. Avoid Coffee

You can try to stay away from coffee while you are menstruating, as coffee is linked to increase the level of oestrogen in your body, which can also cause intense period cramps!


7. Reduce Your Salt Intake

While you are on your period, you can reduce the consumption of salt, as salt can sometimes lead to bloating of the lower abdominal region, thus worsening the condition of period cramps.

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