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Attention Women! These Simple Measures Help You To Prevent UTI (urinary tract infection)

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One of the most common health problems that has been ailing women, especially in their child-bearing age in the recent times is UTI (urinary tract infection). Also there are traces of it found among young girls and those in the menopause age too.

Practising caution is one of the most important ways to prevent UTI. This article deals with a few of the simple ways that help in preventing the infection.

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So how does one get infected with UTI and why are women affected the most? Since women have a shorter urethra than men, it becomes easy for the microbes to enter the urinary tract as well as the bladder and then cause the infection.

Burning sensation while passing the urine, frequent urge to pee, dizziness, nausea and lower back pain are a few of the common symptoms that women might encounter when they have UTI.

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If not taken care of on time, it might lead to other serious health problems as well. Hence, the foremost way to prevent UTI is to flush out the bacteria from the bladder.

Today at Boldsky we have listed a few ways that help in preventing UTI. Take a look.


1. Do Not Hold Back The Urine:

When you get the urge to urinate, you need to do it. Do not hold it back as this gives way for the bacteria to multiply, instead of being flushed away.


2. Tips To Wipe:

Women should make it a point to wipe from the front to the back; it helps prevent bacteria from entering the bladder and the chance of infection gets reduced.


3. Safety Before And After Intercourse:

Women should ensure that they urinate before and right after intercourse. The bacteria that moves from the vagina to the urethra during an intercourse should be flushed out. This reduces the chances of infection.


4. Drinking Lots Of Water:

It is important to drink lots of water as well as other fluids like fresh juices as this helps in flushing out the bacteria from the bladder and thus prevents infection.


5. Flushing The Toilet Before Using:

Maintaining hygiene, like flushing the toilet before using it helps in preventing the chances of infection.


6. Cranberry Juice:

Several studies have shown that drinking about two glasses of cranberry juice everyday helps in preventing bacteria from accumulating in the bladder and thus prevents urinary tract infection.


7. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is one of the most important components that acidifies the urine and thus helps in preventing the risk of urinary tract infection. Make it a point to add vitamin C-containing fruits and supplements to your daily diet; it helps.


8. Plain Yogurt:

If you have taken antibiotics to prevent UTI, following which if you take plain yogurt for about two weeks, it helps in preventing yeast infection that might be caused by antibiotics.


9. Avoid Sugar-Containing Foods & Drinks:

Consumption of fructose and high sugar-containing foods and drinks like candies and soda allow the bacteria to multiply and thus increase the chances of urinary tract infection. So it is good to avoid these high sugar-containing foods and drinks.

Story first published: Monday, November 21, 2016, 12:30 [IST]
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