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Remedies For Nerve Twitching In Legs At Night

By: Ajanta Sen

The human body is a complicated machine as it has very complicated systems and organs inside it. All the systems have many organs and all the organs work well to keep the machine going. It is good to remember that all the organs and organ systems are responsible for their own functions.

If any system or organ stops working due to any reason, then the entire body faces the consequences. The nervous system is one of the most important systems of the human body that controls the whole body as it controls the sense organs. Undoubtedly, every human being must have this system working efficiently to live a healthy life.

Still, nerve diseases are almost unavoidable. At present, human beings suffer from various ailments that are caused due to failure of the nervous system. Very often, people suffer from nerve twitching in the leg at night, and it is indeed a very painful disease as it prevents the sufferers from having a sound sleep that everyone needs after a day's hard work.

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These are also termed as muscle cramps by doctors. Medically, this is referred to as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), and it is indeed a serious ailment that can lead to serious consequences if not treated properly on time.

As far as the medical reasons for RLS or muscle cramps are concerned, it is a neurological disorder. There are many effective natural remedies for muscle cramps. If you are also a victim of leg twitching at night, then you must know the best remedies for muscle cramps at night. Following are some of the most practised remedies for nerve twitching in the leg:


Manage Stress:

As stress is believed to be one of the main factors for all neurological problems; leg twitching at night is not an exception. This disease can be cured by managing stress effectively. You should see a doctor and get the effective remedies for muscle cramps at night.


Stop Narcotic Consumption:

Consumption of narcotic drugs and alcohol is a root factor for neurological disorders. To get the best remedy for muscle cramps at night, you should stop taking alcohol and other narcotic drugs so that the nervous system can work properly without getting influenced by their toxic effects.


Stop Smoking:

Smoking is a relatively bad habit and it also gives rise to some neurological troubles. You need to quit smoking for good if you are serious about getting the best remedy for nerve twitching in legs at night.


Exercise Regularly:

Any physical disability due to the nervous system is recoverable provided you exercise on a regular basis. You are advised to go for yoga as it causes a deeper impact on the body. You should practise and perform them only in the presence of an experienced yoga teacher to avoid any mistake. You need to remember that you may face serious consequences if you do the yoga exercises wrong. You should do these exercises 30 minutes before going to bed.


Try The Soap Therapy:

Keep a soap under the blanket of your bed, and try this home remedy for three months. Many people with similar complications have benefited from this remedy. You can also feel the difference within just a few days.


Try Copper Ring Therapy:

This is one of the most effective home remedies for nerve twitching in the leg. You should put on a copper ring in the first finger of the leg that troubles you the most. If both legs are affected by this, then you should put on copper rings in the first fingers of both the legs. This remedy really works.

Most of these remedies for nerve twitching in legs at night are very effective. They have been tested by hundreds of beneficiaries. It is your turn now to find which one works fine for you.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 25, 2016, 21:00 [IST]
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