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Natural Herbs To Treat Menopausal Symptoms

Posted By: Lekhaka

As women approach menopause, the warning signals set in - irregular periods, night sweating, hot flushes and emotional issues like irritability and low sexual drive. Conventional hormone replacement therapies have generally been proven to provide only short term respite from menopausal symptoms.

Hormone replacement therapies have also been found to often increase the prevalence of heart attacks, strokes as well as breast cancer. However, there is nothing to worry as certain herbs and supplements have proved to work wonders in this case.

natural treatment for menopause

Certain naturally derived herbal and botanical infusions have been proven to provide the same advantages as bodily hormone replacement therapies. Black cohosh extract has been found to boost levels of energy and reduce hot flushes.

Botanical infusions work harmoniously as a menopausal remedy to support the body's hormones, as opposed to a relatively invasive hormone replacement therapy treatment. Soybean isoflavone proteins have been found to alleviate hot flushes.

natural treatment for menopause

Chaste Berry provides mild pain relief, especially to targeted menopausal pain like breast tenderness and edema. Red clover extract has been shown to possess properties comparable to hormone replacement therapy's low levels of oestrogen and so can help to alleviate night perspiration and in addition acts as a sleeplessness aid.

Concerning the psychological after effects of menopause, wild yam root promotes production of sex bodily hormone binding globulin and serum oestrogen, reducing vaginal dryness, and additionally boosting a low sexual drive.

natural treatment for menopause

Green tea leaf extract boosts the immunity system and acts as a strong anti-oxidant, but additionally works with guggul gum resin to stimulate thyroid exercise, helping to quell excess appetite cravings. The inclusion of calcium promotes positive bone tissue health to prevent osteoporosis.

These all natural, herbal extracts are a promising change as these provide relief without causing any side effects. These are available in the form of supplements and have proved very useful in treating menopausal symptoms.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 22, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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