These Home Remedies Help Fight Cold Feet Effectively During Winters

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The chilly cold winter is here. It's time to get those warm jackets out and flaunt your boots too. Though most of us love this season, there are a few sections of people who dread it as the cold weather makes their feet and hands almost numb.

For conditions like these, there is no better treatment option than taking up home remedies. The results are quick and also one can be assured of their safety. There are no side effects too.

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When the temperature dips very low, it leads to constriction in the blood vessels and this affects the blood circulation. This causes cold feet and the hands also turn cold. Just as your hands touch your feet, you tend to get a shock. All that you want to do at such times is to wrap yourself in a blanket and curl up in your bed.

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Also, there might be certain other health conditions like nutritional deficiencies, anaemia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and nerve-related problems that can lead one to have cold feet. If this problem is accompanied by hard skin or blisters, then without any delay one needs to get it checked with a doctor.

Here is a list of 10 home remedies that help in getting rid of cold feet. Take a look.


1.Hot Oil Massage:

Take a bit of sesame oil or mustard oil or olive oil and then warm it. Apply the oil on the feet and then massage it gently for about 5-10 minutes and then put cotton socks. Do this before going to bed every day as it helps in keeping the feet warm.


2.Hot & Cold Water Hydrotherapy:

Take a bucket of cold water and a bucket of hot water. Soak your feet alternately in both the buckets for about 10-15 minutes. Pat dry and wear socks. Do this once a day. This helps improve the blood circulation and keeps the feet warm.



Ginger is a natural ingredient that helps improve blood circulation and warms up the body including the feet. Take two-three pieces of ginger, add them to a glass of water, boil it well, strain it and then drink it.


4.Green Tea:

Green tea is one of the well known natural ingredients that help improve the blood circulation and keep the feet and body warm. Drink about 2-3 cups of green tea every day, especially during the winter season for best results.


5.Epsom Salt:

Take about two-three teaspoons of epsom salt and add it to a bucket of warm water. Soak your feet in the epsom salt water for about 10 minutes. The magnesium content in the epsom salt improves the blood circulation and helps combat cold feet problem.



Exercises, especially foot exercises like walking with heels and then with the toes alternately, rotating the feet clockwise and then anti-clockwise helps improve the blood circulation and warms up the feet.



Rich in fibre and magnesium spinach helps to enhance the blood circulation and keeps the feet and hands warm. Adding spinach to your meal everyday during winter helps.


8.Dried Apricots:

Apricots are rich in iron content. Having dried apricots during the winter helps in keeping the feet and hands warm.



Iron deficiency in the body not just causes anaemia, it can also lead one to have cold feet and hands as well. Having dates especially in the winters helps in keeping the body warm.


10.Whole Grains:

Rich in fibre and magnesium, whole grains are an important source that help in improving the blood circulation and keeping the body warm.

Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2016, 15:30 [IST]
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