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Got Itchy Ears? Try These Effective Home Remedies

By Somya Ojha

Itchiness in the ears may occur when the ear canals get clogged. Build-up of dirt, earwax, infection, allergy, etc., can cause the ear canals to get blocked.

Most people reach out for the Q-tip to get relief from the itchy feeling. But, as you might already know, experts advise people to stay away from the Q-tip, as it is known to cause dryness in the ear canals. Other than that, over-usage of Q-tips may also exacerbate the itchiness.

In fact, using any kind of foreign objects to scratch your ears may give you temporary relief from the itchiness, but it may cause a permanent damage to your ear canals.

In severe cases, it could be an indication of a serious ear infection. But, in certain mild cases, the ear canals may get itchy because of the accumulated dirt. Even if the itchy feeling occurs on an irregular basis, it could still be highly annoying and bothersome.

In such cases, you can try the traditional home remedies that are known to be effective and powerful. Here is a list of certain potent home remedies that can provide relief from the itchiness in your ears without causing any severe damage.

Note: If you've been experiencing any kind of a discomfort or itchiness in the ears, we highly advise you to consult an ENT specialist first to know about the underlying problem.


1. Warm Olive Oil

This natural treatment is widely used for getting relief from this common ear problem. Make sure to warm olive oil but do not over-heat it. Put just a drop in the ear for getting relief from the itchiness and discomfort.


2. Try Water With Alcohol

Another potent remedy for an itchy ear canal is the amazingly effective combination of water and alcohol. Many people use a syringe to pour this mix into the ears to subside the itchiness and clear the ear canal.


3. Warm Compress

For getting relief from the itchy ear canals, you can also give a try to this simple yet powerful home remedy. Safe and reliable, this remedy can effectively remove the buildup of earwax or flush out debris.


4. White Vinegar

Diluted white vinegar can also provide relief from this annoying ear problem. This remedy can give an instant relief from the itch and prevent it from recurring in the future. Use a syringe to drop this mix in your ears.


5. Aloe Vera Gel

The soothing effects of aloe vera gel make it another ideal and effective remedy for this common but highly annoying ailment. Put just a few drops of this healing gel into your ears to dial down the itchiness.


6. Hydrogen Peroxide

The reason why hydrogen peroxide is used to get rid of the itchy feeling in the ears is because it is capable of melting away the earwax. Mix it with some water and pour a few drops in the ear canal to get rid of the debris.


7. Water

Build-up of dirt, debris, etc., can cause itchiness in the ear canal. Using water to remove the dirt and clear the ear canal is an age-old practice. But, this should be done with extra caution, and also use just a little bit of water to clear off the earwax.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2016, 16:30 [IST]