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5 Unbeatable Remedies To Manage Irregular Periods

Posted By: Staff

Menstruation is an obligatory phase that all women have to come to terms with during their reproductive years. All isn't well throughout the reproductive years, as many women suffer from irregular periods at the onset and, sometimes, over the course of their reproductive years.

Irregular periods are portrayed by abnormal fluctuations in the duration of the monthly cycle. Factors that contribute to irregular periods can be many, which range from simple changes in lifestyle to major conditions that may be life threatening.

Almost all these irregularities can be categorised into two sections namely oligomenorrhoea or a very long menstrual gap, so long as 35 days, and polymenorrhoea or having frequent periods with shorter gaps, less than 21 days.

Oligomenorrhoea leads to fewer monthly periods, which range from 4 to 9 cycles a year. Irregular periods can be caused by underlying medical conditions and bodily hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance may cause irregular periods during the time of menarche as well as menopause , as the body is attempting to get adjusted with the sudden bodily hormonal changes that occur during these phases.

Irregular menstruation during these phases isn't a matter of concern with these highly effective remedies. Take a look:

Sesame Seeds:
Loaded with numerous nutrients, minerals and vitamins, they're known to regulate menstruation and also prevent menstrual pain. Strain the water in which sesame seeds were soaked overnight and drink it two times in a day for regulating the menstrual period.

foods to cure irregular periods

Cumin Seeds:
When taken during menstruation, cumin seeds soaked in water is known to control menstrual pain to a great extent. Great supply of iron, cumin seeds significantly benefit girls, as they lose a lot of iron during menstruation.

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Take a teaspoon of ground organic cumin seeds along with a teaspoon of honey every day to put your periods back on the right track. Not only will this prevent irregular menstruation, but will additionally control menstrual cramps.

foods to cure irregular periods

A power-house of nutrients, antioxidants and healing compounds, papaya is famed as much for its abortion-inducing properties, as for its advantages in regulating menstruation. Unripe papaya may also be taken every day to cure all sorts of menstrual irregularities. Papaya is best suited for irregular periods related to menopause.

foods to cure irregular periods

Hibiscus Flower:
Hibiscus flower regulates the oestrogen and progesterone balance within the body, thus helping the monthly cycle to be regular and balanced.

foods to cure irregular periods

Holy Basil:
A medical herb par excellence, holy basil has numerous healing benefits and one of them is regulating irregular periods in women. 


For regulating periods and removing period cramps, take one teaspoon of honey and equal amounts of holy basil leaf juice. This may regulate periods and put the menstrual irregularities back on the right track.


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