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8 Ways Smokers Can Reduce Cancer Risk

By: Ajanta Sen
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The main cause of cancer is smoking. It causes various other health issues as well. Moreover, the secondhand smoke is also very dangerous and can raise the risk of cancer and other ailments.

The various types of cancers that can be caused by smoking are stomach cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, mouth cancer, cervical cancer, throat cancer, bladder cancer, oesophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer, nasal cavity cancer, etc.

The risk of getting cancer is almost 10 times greater for a smoker as compared to a nonsmoker. This also depends on the smoker from how long the person has been smoking and to what extent.

A majority of the people in our country die because of lung cancer caused by smoking.

The smoke that is inhaled by the nonsmokers is also called passive smoking, which can also result in lung cancer.

Therefore, following are the 8 ways how smokers can reduce cancer risk, have a look:


Reduce Smoking

Once the smokers decide to quit smoking, it is not very important for them to give up smoking totally at once.

Even if initially they start with smoking only a few cigarettes, they can be benefited. Cutting back on cigarette smoking is one of the 8 ways how smokers can reduce cancer risk.


Change Eating Habits

Once you decide to stop smoking, you will notice a sudden increase in your appetite.

However, don't stuff your stomach with sugary or fatty foods. Take loads of fruits and vegetables to curb your hunger.


Take Medicines

Ask your doctor about the usage and possible side effects of medicines and nicotine replacement products.

The local physicians and pharmacists can also help you find some resources in your locality that can help you quit smoking. This is how smokers can reduce cancer risk.


Encouragement Is A Must

If you have a friend who has been addicted to smoking for a long time, encourage him and show your confidence in him, so that he can quit smoking for all the good reasons.


Smoking Quitlines Can Be Helpful

Smoking quitlines are telephone helpline numbers which offer treatment for tobacco addiction. This is one of the most effective ways among the 8 ways how smokers can reduce cancer risk.

The treatment procedure adopted by a majority of quitlines is a combination of behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and pharmacological discussion. The smoking quitlines offer both reactive as well as proactive services.

Reactive service means that the smokers are encouraged to call at the number whenever they need help. In a proactive service, the smokers need to register for the treatment and they are automatically offered a call-up service.


Show Your Concern

Convey the various things, including the cancer hazards of smoking by showing your concern towards the smoker. Express your own apprehension that you are quite worried about the well-being and future of the smoker, in order to convince him to quit smoking.

This is an indirect method of how you can help a smoker to get rid of the smoking addiction.


Stop Criticizing

If your loved one is addicted to smoking, never criticize him for his addiction. In addition, also refrain from reminding him about his past failures of quitting smoking.

Be patient with the smoker, and this is how smokers can reduce cancer risk.


Stop Smoking Clinics

Ask your doctor to suggest you a stop smoking clinic if you are finding it hard to convince your loved one to give up on his smoking habit. This is also one of the most successful one among the 8 ways how smokers can reduce cancer risk.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 23, 2016, 2:00 [IST]
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