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Do You Know The Reason Behind Your Body Pain?

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Body aches.... we all have them! But did you know why you develop such pains? According to WebMD it is noted that the referred pain occurs when a problem in one place in the body causes pain in another place.

If you have been experiencing a pain in your body off late, it should not be ignored. For example, regular and severe headaches can lead to strokes, Chest and back pains are related to the heart, pain in the throat is connected to failure of lungs and so forth.


When you ignore such pains in the body, it can complicate the health issue. It can also be fatal. Therefore, experts advice one not to ignore any pain which lasts for more than a day.

Here are nine different types of pain and the reasons behind it. Do take a look and get yourself treated immediately:



Pain experienced just below the navel is related to the ovaries. In most of the cases it is menstrual cramps and if severe it could mean a ovary related problem. Visit a gynecologist if the pain persists.



When you experience pain in the lower pelvis, in the front and the back it refers to problem in the bladder. This pain occurs when there is an infection in the bladder, so it is best to visit the doctor without further delay.



Pain in the abdomen , pelvis ,lower back relates to trouble in the kidney. It is best not to ignore pain in the kidney as it can lead to other serious health issues like failure and more.



Gripping pain in the right side of the middle-lower abdomen should not be taken lightly. This kind of pain is related to the colon and the appendix. This appendix pain is one of the worst and if need be it should be surgically removed.



Have you ignored a random tummy pain? If yes, this is the wrong way to treat the cause. There are various types of tummy ache and one of the severe ones is when you witness pain in the belly button as this means that your small intestine is inflamed.


Tummy & Back

Most of us pass this type of body pain as acidity. But, according to experts, pain in the upper portion of the stomach and pancreas is an indication that your tummy is infected. Pay a visit to the doctor to seek help.



Pain in the neck, upper shoulder, below the nipple or on the right side of the body indicate liver and gall bladder problems. If this type of pain continues, it is advisable to seek medical assistance.


Chest & Arm

Now, this is a common type of body pain which is related to the heart. If your having a gripping and constant pain passing through your left arm and chest, it is best to rush to a hospital.


One Side Of The Neck

One side of the neck at the front and back is related to lungs and diaphragm. It could also be related to breathing problems where the phrenic nerve runs from the spine, through the lungs, to the diaphragm.

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