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Natural Foods To Increase Breast Size: Check This List Of 17 Foods

Many women are willing to go under the knife to get bigger breasts. But, there are risks associated with breast implant surgery which includes breast implant rupture, visible lumps or rippling in the breasts, complications arising due to anaesthesia, infections, haematoma and haemorrhage, medical complications such as thyroid problems or fibromyalgia. This seems quite risky, right? So, why not go the natural way to increase your breast size by eating foods high in oestrogen?

Foods like sesame seeds, flax seeds, soya beans etc., are rich in phytoestrogen (plant-based oestrogen), which will help stimulate your oestrogen level to the maximum thus helping in breast growth. A regular consumption of these healthy oestrogen foods will give you good results in no time.

The other good thing about these oestrogen foods is the vitamins they contain. These powerful vitamins not only help with breast development but improve your breast health too.

How Does Oestrogen Help Breast Growth?

Eating oestrogen rich foods is the best way to increase your breast size. Oestrogen is the female hormone which is responsible for making your body curvy and your breasts look bigger. During puberty, the hormone oestrogen is needed in greater amounts to transform the body of a girl into a woman. This hormone triggers your menstrual cycle which makes your body curvier and increases your breast growth.

From the age of 12 to 16, a woman's body has a high amount of oestrogen and this is the time when the body undergoes various changes. However, when puberty stops, the levels of oestrogen in the body is reduced leaving your breasts to remain in the same size throughout your life.

So, in order to make your breasts look bigger even after puberty you just have to eat oestrogen rich foods.


1. Soy

Soy milk is an excellent source of isoflavones that imitate the female hormone oestrogen which increases the growth of breast tissue. Soy milk is made from soybeans which can also be consumed for increasing breast growth. In addition, the intake of soy products is associated with reduced breast cancer risk, according to a study [1].

Drink a glass of soy milk every morning and add soybeans in your salads or boil them and have them in the morning.


2. Fennel Seeds

Traditionally, herbalists have used fennel seeds to improve the health of the breast in lactating mothers. The seeds of the fennel plant are rich in phytoestrogens which are important for breast augmentation. Fennel seeds are also known to contain natural plant hormones, flavonoids and different aromatic molecules like estragole, anethole and fenshon which help in developing breast tissues and increase milk secretion [2].


3. Milk

Milk and other dairy products contain similar reproductive hormones as found in our body. For instance, cow milk is known to contain all the hormones like oestrogen, prolactin and progesterone which are important for milk production. As milk contains oestrogen, it can also help in the growth of breasts. Boil a glass of milk and drink it in the morning and at night.


4. Beetroots and beet greens

Everyone knows that beetroots are rich in iron, but apart from that both beetroots and beet greens have a good amount of oestrogen and contain boron, which helps in the synthesis of oestrogen in the body. This supplements your body with oestrogen, thus promoting breast growth naturally.


5. Carrots

Carrots are known for their beta-carotene content, antioxidant, and other vital minerals and vitamins. The orange-coloured vegetable is another way to help increase your breast growth naturally because it contains oestrogen precursors. Carrots also contain unique indigestible fibres that help in removing excess oestrogen from the body as high oestrogen levels could lead to swelling and tenderness in the breast, fibrocystic lumps in the breasts [3].


6. Nuts

Nuts with high oestrogen or phytoestrogen content include pistachios, walnuts, cashews, peanuts and pecans. Pistachios are ranked on top of the phytoestrogen content list. Almonds, cashews and walnuts are also a very good source of phytoestrogens that will give you the extra dose of oestrogen in the body [4], [5].


7. Papaya

Papaya is another fruit rich in oestrogen. In fact, drinking papaya juice with milk is considered a good natural remedy to increase your breast size naturally. However, ensure that you don't drink it in excess as it may cause diarrhoea. Pregnant women shouldn't consider drinking this concoction as well.
If you are lactose intolerant, consume slices of papaya after a meal.


8. Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds are another food that is rich in phytoestrogen which promotes better mammary gland growth. We have always thought that these seeds are only good for weight loss and enhance hair growth. The phytoestrogens and diosgenin present in fenugreek seeds encourage prolactin hormone which is associated with breast growth [6].

You can either have one tsp fenugreek seeds daily or apply herbal fenugreek oil on your breasts and massage it.


9. Seeds

Seeds with high oestrogen content include flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. All of these are considered good for the growth and development of the breasts. Flaxseeds are a natural breast enhancement food which increases breast tissue growth and make them look larger. Sesame, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds also have the potential to boost oestrogen levels in the body, thus promoting the growth of breasts.


10. Seafood

Eating seafood like prawns, oysters, and shellfish can induce growth of breasts. Do you know how? These seafood contain good amounts of manganese that triggers sex hormones in the body and as a result the breast size increases. Include these foods in your daily diet and see the results for yourself!


11. Fruits

Fruits like bananas, cherries, pomegranates, apples, watermelon etc., can help increase breast size naturally. Because it helps boost the production of oestrogen in the body and lowers the amount of testosterone to give you firm and fuller looking breasts. Also, these fruits contain plenty of vitamins and minerals which will further improve the health of your breast.


12. Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E that helps in protecting the body from free radical damage. Massaging olive oil on the breast keeps the skin of your breasts moisturised and firm that helps with the overall appearance of your bust. Choose a high-quality olive oil and apply a few drops on the breast and massage it with your hands in circular motion.


13. Alfalfa sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts are also known for increasing breast size due to the presence of a phytoestrogen compound called isoflavone which stimulates the growth of breasts and breast milk. In addition, alfalfa sprouts are prized for their vitamins and minerals used for treating kidney, bladder and prostate conditions. You can eat alfalfa sprouts by adding them in your salads or your sandwiches.


14. Pueraria mirifica

Pueraria mirifica is one of the most effective herbs used for breast enlargement [7].This herb has the highest concentration of phytoestrogen than any other herb. That's the reason pueraria mirifica herb is considered one of the potential herbs to stimulate breast growth. However, there are side effects associated with the herb like nausea, headache, dizziness, etc.


15. Red clover

Red clover is a blooming plant used as an alternative medicine for coughs, disorders of the lymphatic system and some cancers. It contains nutrients like calcium, niacin, phosphorous, thiamine, magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. Red clover also helps in breast enlargement due to the phytoestrogen it has. Some phytoestrogens in red clover have genisteinthat binds to estradiol receptors which are responsible for breast growth.

The plant extract is used in many ways ranging from using it for breast massaging to having it as a capsule and tea.


16. Wild yam

Many herbalists recommend wild yam for breast growth because it contains diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that helps in enlarging your breasts. In a study conducted, 24 healthy post-menopausal women were given 390 g of yam for 30 days. The result of the study was an increase in serum concentration of estrone (26%), sex hormone binding globulin (9.5 %), and an increase in estradiol (27 %)[8].


17. Dong quai root

The dong quai root is mainly used as a medication for women for their menstrual and menopausal health. It makes your breasts bigger due to the presence of a chemical called isoflavone which is broken down by the body into oestrogen, which is the main hormone responsible for breast growth. In addition, the root soothes your breast tissues as well.
So, in case, you are looking for methods to increase your breast size naturally, consuming these foods can help.

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