Home Remedies To Cure Smelly Urine

Urine odour can be unpleasant and can also lead to embarrassing situations especially if you are using a bathroom in your guest's place.

Well, are there any home remedies to cure smelly urine? In most of the cases, the general cause would be urinary tract infection.

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When the urinary tract gets infected, the urine contains pus as well as bacteria in it. The odour is due to the pus cells in the urine.

Though it occurs in both men and women, it is generally seen in women. Also, when the urethra suffers inflammation, the smell of the urine changes.

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Another reason for the foul smell could also be dehydration. The smell of the urine determines your state of health. Therefore, it is better to treat the problem when your urine smells bad. Now, let us discuss about some home remedies to cure smelly urine.



Ensure that you don't wear tight inner garments. Also, wearing cotton clothes and cotton inner garments might help.



As the accumulation of toxins can also cause the foul smell, ensure that you detoxify your system by consuming lemon water on empty stomach during mornings.



Why does my urine have a strong odour? Well, as dehydration could be one of the reasons for foul smell in the urine, it is better to drink sufficient water to hydrate your system.



Add pasted onion and ginger to butter milk and consume it everyday. If the urinary tract is infected, this remedy may cure it. If your urine stinks in the morning, it is better to consume butter milk twice a day.


Cranberry Juice

Drinking cranberry juice can be one of the solutions for smelly urine in the morning. In fact, you can also eat cranberries, if the juice isn't available.

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