Healthy Foods That Prevent Osteoporosis

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Osteoporosis is a condition in which the quality and density of the bones gets reduced rapidly. Its basically a medical condition, in which the bones become fragile and brittle. It may also increase the risk of a fracture. The bones get weaker due to a low bone density.

Women aged above 40 of age can be at a greater risk of developing this disease. It gets common as they age. This disease is termed as a silent disease because it doesn't show any symptoms of bone loss in the early stages.

However, the common risk factors that cause this disease include hereditary factors, family history, poor nutrition, smoking, physical inactivity and low body weight. An overactive thyroid gland and adrenal glands can also be linked to osteoporosis.

Inadequate calcium intake can cause osteoporosis. Other nutrients that are equally important in bone formation are vitamins D and K, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. Once people get diagnosed by osteoporosis, they have to follow a strict diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to slow down the progression of this disease.

Certain foods are also helpful in fighting and combating the dangers of osteoporosis. Healthy foods can prevent the risk of osteoporosis. Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the foods that prevent and reduce the risk of this disease. Read on to know more about it.



Fish is a perfect food to fight osteoporosis. It is a rich source of calcium. Calcium is a must to maintain the health of the bones. Fishes like sardines and salmon are the greatest sources of calcium. Consuming them helps in maintaining the health of the bones, thereby preventing osteoporosis.



Yoghurt effectively reduces the risk of osteoporosis. It is a good source of calcium, vitamin and nutrients. It also contains vitamin D that prevents bone loss and ensures a good bone health. The probiotics present in it keeps the intestines free of diseases. It even boosts the immune power.



Regular consumption of milk is the best way to reduce the symptom of osteoporosis. Milk and other dairy products are rich in calcium, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins, which prevent premature ageing, lower allergic reactions, heal wounds faster and exfoliate the skin better.



Eggs are an ideal food that you can consume to prevent osteoporosis. It is rich in vitamins, calcium, selenium and folate that protect bone health and promote healthy hair and nails. The natural proteins present in eggs can prevent the risk of osteoporosis.



Cabbage is a source of fibre, vitamin, folate and minerals such as manganese, iron and magnesium. Cabbage ensures healthy and strong bones. Being rich in vitamin K, cabbage helps in the process of bone metabolism and an prevents Alzheimer's disease too.



Bananas are equally effective in preventing osteoporosis. Eating bananas on a regular basis can help absorb calcium and essential nutrients that ensure healthy bones. It also protects against cancer, diabetes, morning sickness and lowers depression levels.



Beans are high in vitamin D, calcium, fibre and antioxidants. Beans and lentils can be regarded as the best food options for osteoporosis. They are rich in folate that plays a crucial role in the development of red blood cells.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 14:31 [IST]
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