8 Reasons Why You Feel Dizzy

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Do you often wake up feeling light-headed and dizzy?

If you have been ignoring this problem, it is time to look into to it as it could be a major health issue. Experts state that the main reason why you feel so is because you probably wake up from the bed with a jerk, contributing to the shaky feeling. If this is not the case, and the problem still persists, it is time you visit a doctor.


According to a new study, there are several reasons why you feel dizzy. Dehydration, heavy medications, anemia, low blood pressure are a few common reasons.

Today, Boldsky has listed out 8 possible root causes behind you feeling unstable, take a look at some of the reasons, get yourself medically treated and get rid of the dizziness in no time.



The body needs to receive a good amount of fluids on a daily basis. If you ignore the signs of dehydration, the body becomes weak and blood circulation becomes poor, thus making you feel unstable on your feet.



One of the main reason why you feel dizzy is because you are anemic. Low levels of iron in the body will make you feel fatigue and dizzy. To fix this problem, add iron foods to your diet, such as: chickoo, meat, pomegranate and green veggies.



Medications too can play a side effect on your health. If you have started a recent dose of medications and you feel giddy after its consumption, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately, as there might be an ingredient in the medications which is not agreeing to your body.


Blood Pressure

An increase or a decrease in blood pressure can make you feel dizzy too. If you are suffering from high or low BP it is advisable to constantly check the levels of pressure. You can regulate your BP with home remedies or allopathy.


Ear Infections

In some cases, ear infections can cause one to feel dizzy, depending on how bad the infection is. If you are witnessing a ringing in the ear, hearing loss, or feeling of pressure or pain in the ear, an ENT specialist might have to take a look at it.



Stroke is accompanied with weakness in one side of the body, slurry speech, severe headache and dizziness. If the patient is suffering from all these symptoms at the same time, rush the patient to the emergency room.


Excessive Exercise

One of the other reasons why you feel dizzy is because your body is under a lot of pressure and strain from exercising. Excessive workouts will make you feel weak and tired, it also worsens when your fluid intake is less.



Hypertension or stress are silent killers. When one is under severe tension, the body is unable to take in the pressure. The patient begins to feel tired, overburdened and thus feels unstable, causing him or her to faint.

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