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Foods To Eat Before Drinking Alcohol

In a world of today, you will find a lot of youngsters getting themselves drunk before they know it. The only reason why one gets drunk easily is because they consume alcohol on an empty stomach. When you have no food in your stomach, the alcohol reacts on the empty stomach thus making you drunk. Therefore, according to experts, it is said that a person should always consume some amount of food before taking the glass to hand.

Today, Boldsky shares with you some of the most healthiest foods to eat before drinking alcohol. These foods will help to form a thin lining in the stomach to help you digest the alcohol easily and prevent you from getting drunk. Another best think about these healthy foods is that they prevent one from having a hangover the next day. If you consume these healthy foods which have been listed here below, you will see yourself looking and feeling a lot more healthy.

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Not many know that when you consume healthy foods, you can drink more too! It is also safer for one to consume alcohol when your tummy is full and not hungry. These healthy foods to eat before drinking alcohol will protect the stomach too and not cause the alcohol to burn the thin layer in the intestine.

So, if you love to drink, here are some of the healthy foods to eat before drinking alcohol. Take a look:



Pickles is one of the healthy foods you should eat before drinking alcohol as it has a lot of electrolytes and salty brine which prevents hangovers as well.



The best and most healthiest food to eat before binging on a glass of beer is almonds. The Vitamins present in almonds helps to bind the stomach not getting you drunk.



The juice emitted from the cactus plant helps to form a thin protective lining in your stomach thus preventing the alcohol to burn the stomach. So, consume a half glass of cactus juice before drinking alcohol.



When you consume alcohol it depletes the body of Vitamin B, therefore experts say that hummus is one of the most healthiest foods as it has natural Vitamin B present in it.



Not many like this fruit as it is naturally creamy. However, this is one of the fruits which you should eat before drinking alcohol.



Yes, cheese is one of the best and healthy foods you should consume before drinking alcohol as it prevents you from getting a hangover no matter how much you drink.



Asparagus is a healthy food which contains amino acids. This acid helps to metabolise alcohol and protect liver cells when you drink alcohol. Try this recipe.


Olive Oil

One tablespoon of olive oil will help to prevent those nasty hangovers. Olive oil forms a thick layer in the intestine which protects the alcohol from burning the stomach.



One glass of milk or even half a glass of fresh cold milk will do wonders. This is one of the most healthiest foods to eat before drinking alcohol.



Fruits is rich in vitamins and minerals and also high in potassium which helps to maintain a proper proper balance of body fluids. This is one of the ways in which you can prevent a hangover as well.

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