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Tips To Prevent Tonsillitis

By: Vinutha S
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Tonsillitis is the inflammation of tonsil because of a bacteria or a virus. Children are most affected by tonsillitis. The common symptoms are fever, headache, pain in the throat and difficulty to swallow. You need not be really worried about this as it can be cured and prevented. You just have to be a little conscious and maintain hygiene to prevent tonsillitis. It is advisable to wash hands before eating food. You need to make sure the kids too learn this in order to stay healthy.

Tonsillitis is referred to as tonsil stones. It is very easy to prevent tonsillitis at an early stage. Always make sure to intake healthy food, and avoid junk food. They only taste good, but they come with a lots of health issues starting from oral cavity to tonsillitis.

Tips To Prevent Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is also caused if the oral cavities are not clean. You need to brush your teeth and gargle your mouth after eating. This keeps your oral cavities healthy and clean. Get regular check ups just to keep yourself away from sickness and prevent tonsillitis. It is very easy and painless to prevent tonsillitis. You just have to follow the instructions in order to stay healthy and happy. Here are few simple tips to prevent tonsil.

Here are the ways to prevent tonsillitis:

Boost your immune system: If you have poor immune system then there are more chances of being affected by tonsillitis. Hence you must intake a lot of Vitamin C rich food such as mangoes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables which prevent inflammation.

Give up bad oral habits: You need to quit smoking and consumption of pan, alcohol and other such unhealthy things. They might give you pleasure for a while, but you will have to suffer from diseases like cancer in future.

Use of antibiotics: Tonsillitis can be prevented by taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. If the tonsillitis is accompanied with high fever then antibiotics are the best remedy. You can also gargle with apple cider vinegar to reduce the inflammation in throat.

Gargle often: When you start seeing the symptoms of tonsillitis, you need to immediately start gargling with mouthwash or salt that has been diluted in water. When you do this regularly, the bacteria is killed and you prevent tonsillitis.

Dental hygiene: This is the most important factor. You need to keep your dental hygiene so as to prevent tonsil. It is advisable to visit the dentist regularly. Eat healthy and hygiene in order to stay away from disease prone bacteria and virus.

Surgery: Even after all the precautions if you are frequently been infected by tonsillitis, it is better to get it removed through surgery. Go for this only if you have been seriously affected otherwise you could just get rid of it through home remedies.

Use oxygenated toothpaste: The best way to prevent tonsillitis is by using oxygenated toothpaste. This will not only keep your mouth clean, but will also kill the bacteria accumulated on the tongue, gums and roof of the mouth.

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Story first published: Sunday, October 27, 2013, 15:00 [IST]
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