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Side Effects Of Taking Insulin Injections

Diabetes is difficult to cure. This is a condition in which the blood sugar levels increase and the production of insulin decreases. Many diabetic patients with type I or II form takes insulin injections. A diabetic patient injects insulin because the insulin levels falls due to its slow production. Therefore, few patients have to regularly inject insulin to stabilise blood sugar levels in the body and to stay healthy. Insulin injections have few common and rare side effects on the body. Check out how these injections can have an effect on a diabetic patient.

Common side effect of insulin injections:

* Low blood sugar levels. Once you start depending on the injections, your blood sugar levels will lower every time.

* As the blood sugar decreases, sweating, nausea or rapid breathing can also be seen.

* If the blood sugar level lowers substantially then the patient can even faint.

* Skin irritation or inflammation from the injection needle. Few diabetic patients have to inject on a regular basis and this can affect the skin tissues.

* When the blood sugar levels decrease, the body metabolism also lowers. This also leads to metabolic changes in the brain often leading to seizures. It is a rare condition that needs immediate attention from the doctor.

* Dizziness due to the lower glucose levels. The brain functions slowly and this can make you feel more toxicated.

* Hypoglycemia is another side effect of taking insulin injections. Too much of insulin in the body lowers blood pressure. This leads to headache, drowsiness, weakness and rapid heart rate.

* In extreme cases, the side effects of insulin injections can lead to hyperglycemia. The symptoms of this condition are extreme thirst, frequent urination and laziness.

* For few diabetic patients, insulin injections can lead to skin allergies such as swelling and itching.

* Few rare side effects of insulin injections are vomiting, red skin on the injected spot, irregular heartbeat, lack of concentration etc.

Control your blood sugar naturally by avoiding sweets in order to avoid insulin injections. Artificial sweeteners are especially dangerous. And make sure you inject insulin 30 minutes before taking your meal. You can inject on the arms or thigh or stomach. Consult your doctor to get the best directions.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 14:53 [IST]