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Top 5 Most Infectious Diseases In History

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Infectious Diseases
Not all diseases are infectious. For example, if your classmate has jaundice, then you are not at a risk of acquiring the disease from him/her. But if your classmate has chicken pox, and you have been in close contact with him/her then you might suffer from this disease in all probability. Contagious diseases are difficult to control and also run the risk of turning into epidemics. All the epidemics in history were caused by diseases that are communicable.

Here are some of the most infectious diseases that have plagued the human race till now.

Top 5 Most Infectious Diseases:

1. Flu: It sounds silly when you start off with a disease is so minor and common to us. But in reality, flu spreads faster than most of the serious diseases. The spread of Bird Flu and Swine Flu, has shown us that even a little flu can become dangerous. Hospitals were forced to turn back people as their quarantine wards were overflowed with Flu patients.

2. HIV Aids: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, doesn't spare any infected body. The latest statistics state that every 6th person you come in contact with stands the chance of infecting you with this sexually communicable disease. The worst part is that no permanent cure has been developed for this disease till now. So, if there is one infectious disease that threatens to bring an end to the world, then it is this one.

3. Bubonic Plague:
The Black Death that wiped out one third of Europe population in the 14thcentury was caused by a plague. It spreads through rodents and fleas reaches most of the victims within 3-4 days. Although our sanitary and hygiene conditions have increased from the 14thcentury, plague is still not an extinct disease.

4. Cholera: This is a relatively simple but contagious disease. The bacteria, Vibrio cholerae that comes from polluted water infects the human intestine. It starts as diarrhea leading a person to excessive vomiting. Cholera still affects lives of many in remote rural areas.

5. Malaria: Caused by the bite from one of the tiniest Anopheles mosquitoes, malaria is one of the most contagious diseases in the third world countries. Almost 98 per cent of the infant deaths in Africa happens due to Malaria. Although it is curable, it causes casualties because it is not detected early enough. Constant fever accompanied by shivering is the main symptom of this infectious disease.

There are several other diseases that are very contagious. Do you know any other?

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