Why People Urinate While Dreaming?

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Urinate While Dreaming
It may be nice to have strange dreams once in a while but urinating in dreams or urinating while dreaming can be frustrating not only for the person who suffers from the problem but also for his spouse or any body who share their sleeping space. Today, we would want to discuss on the disorder commonly suffered by kids and adults. The reasons and poop dream interpretations. Take a look.

Urinating In dreams And Poop Dream Interpretation -

1. When one dreams of urine or urinating, it means that they have probably drank too much water before going for a nap. In a way, the body is hinting the person what it needs. Many times, the body is said to control almost until the breaking point and thereafter it gives up resulting in bed wetting. Urinating in dreams is not an issue to feel bad about as it is the act of cleansing, a way to get rid of all the toxins and waste from the body.

2. As per the psychologists, urinating in dreams is caused due by a full bladder and has too little or no psychological significance. Some even say that it is a wake for self that is a way of getting rid of the bad experiences and going for a fresh beginning.

3. Many poop dream interpretations say that urinating may be a symbol for sexual desires and a way of representing feelings.It also a way of expressing primitive urges such as the urge to have intercourse.

4. Sleeping involving excretory functions may also be due to emotional imbalance and a struggle to get over with all the negativities of life.

5. According many dream intepretors, dreams of urine may even symbolise re-birth and revival.

6. Other defecation dream interpretations include release of negative emotions, fear, anxiety, guilt, painful past, aggressiveness and anger etc.

7. If one dreams of a public toilet, it means that the person lacks privacy in life. Urinating openly in public means that the person wants freedom and is eager to acknowledge something openly.

Story first published: Monday, June 27, 2011, 17:34 [IST]
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