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Remedies For Indigestion

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Indigestion is a regular feature and is often cured by swallowing a pill. The pill is not a remedy to indigestion but it's only a temporary solution.Indigestion if left unattended for a longer time may lead to chronic gastritis and stomach ulcers.

Indigestion takes place when there is excess acid flow in the stomach and flow to the oesophagus, which is a pipe connected to the mouth. At present time the main cause of indigestion is stress and other reasons are over eating, faulty eating habits and timings, food allergies and lack of exercise. Remedies for indigestion can be easily found in the house itself and these care cure the disease it taken regularly.

Remedies For Indigestion -

1.A glass of chilled milk is one of the oldest and best remedy for indigestion, If you don't have cold milk handy, you can also have a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

2.Regular intake of pineapple juice can cure the disease completely.

3.Grapes and grape juice not only helps in curing indigestion but also treats stomach irritations.

4.Mix some cumin seeds and coriander leaf juice in a glass of water. Drink this everyday to cure the disease.

5.Butter milk promotes digestion. One should drink it everyday after meals. This helps digesting the food.

6.A spoon of asafoetida everyday in the morning is an effective cure for indigestion.

7.Eat one clove everyday after each meal. This promotes digestion.

8.Crush some mint leaves and mix the juice in a glass of water. This as well is a great remedy to cure indigestion.

9.Bitter gourd juice helps in curing the signs of indigestion.

Follow these nine remedies for indigestion and cure the disease from the root. Remedies for indigestion should be followed regularly for cure.

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Story first published: Friday, January 21, 2011, 16:43 [IST]
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